Fourever1 is a fierce, foxy foursome of identical quadruplet sisters bringin’ blazin’ Bahamian spice to the wide-wide world of Pop – where EDM meets R&B. These sisters are beautiful, truly talented, internationally savvy singer/songwriters whose performances set the spirits of men and women on fire! In all-important birth order (never get this twisted), Fourever1 is Jodi, Catherine, Christina and Janelle.

Unleashed upon the world by “American Idol” music master Randy Jackson, they are universal chart-top primed and proudly refuse to leave their accents behind. “Our bond is unbreakable,” Catherine states. “We were in the womb together…we know what each other is thinking. And when we sing together, we sound like other folks sound when their vocals are stacked – one voice!” Their debut single, “All About Tonight,” is a sexy, liberating, turn-down-the-lights and turn-up-the-heat club bumper – all about where the mind goes and the body flows when Friday night arrives. The girls co-wrote it with Sarah West and it’s an out-and-out winner! Born in the United States and raised in the Bahamas, “The Pyfrom Sisters” have been working non-stop over the past eight years to hone their skills in every aspect of the music game – each with a specialty, all with conviction. They are smart, grounded young ladies with solid goals to attain and inspiring stories to share.

“We have a special message for all the people that want to pursue their dreams,” Fourever1 proclaims: “Work hard, have fun, believe in yourself, let no one tell you different and always be yourself!”

Social Media

"Fourever1 sizzles on debut music video for 'All About Tonight'" Digital Journal
"They were famous since they were born..." -The Nassau Guardian
"What’s better than a beautiful, talented, singer-songwriter whose performances set the spirits of men and women on fire? How about four in one!" -Nexus Radio
"Randy Jackson’s New Girl Group ‘FOUREVER1’ Is Heating Up The Dance Floors" -About Online
"Although these four sisters were famous before their singing career jumped off because of their unique quality of being quadruplets, their singing talent has taken them to new heights." -elife

All About Tonight


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