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Costa Rica is a country located in Central America. It is covered in rugged rainforests, beaches, and waterfalls. Not to mention the wildlife in the area.

Costa Rica is about 19,730 mi sq.

Although Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, there are still a few other recognized languages such as Mekatelyu, Bribri, and Patois.

There are a few native peoples still in the area. The Boruca, Bribri, Maleku, Movere, Naso, and Ngabe are native to the area. However, they only make up 1.7% of the population. The rest is a mix of Spaniards, Americans, and many others. About 4.808 billion people live in costa rica.

The currency in Costa Rica is Costa Rican Colón. One U.S. dollar equals about 561 Costa Rican Colón.

Costa Rica hasn't had a national army since 1948. Its constitution was later passed in 1949.

Costa Rica es un hermoso lugar lleno de vida. Es un pais en America Central. Usted es capaz de ver los bonitos bosques tropicales de Costa Rica, junto con las playas de arena y volcanes. Existen tantos tipos de animales y los insectos en Costa Rica. Costa Rica es de aproximadamente 19,730 millas cuadras. Eres capaz de cumplir mucho nativo pueblos, tales como el Boruca, Bribri, Maleku, Movere, Naso, y el Ngabe. Pero ellos solo haz 1.8% de la 4.808 millon personas ese viven en Costa Rica.
Today, in addition to the nation's proprietary genres, Costa Ricans enjoy Latin, American and British contemporary rock. However, when it comes to dancing, most prefer the traditional Latin rhythms of salsa, merengue, cumbia, and bolero.

En Costa Rica, hay muchos diferentes tipos de musica. De la música moderna a la música tradicional.

" Me Rehuso" by Danny Ocean is popular modern day song that is played through out the country.

There are many different types of dishes found in Costa Rica. One very popular meal would have be black beans and rice, gallo pinto. This is considered the back bone of Costa Rican cuisine. While many other dishes are prepared with high saturated fats and oils, Costa Ricans tend to try to obtain a healthy diet. Cheeses and other dairy products are hardly utilized.

Costarricenses intentar ser tan saludable como sea posible. Más de ellos comidas tienden a ser saludable. Dónde como quesos y otro productos lácteos son apenas usado.

Most Costa Ricans are of primarily Spanish or Spanish/Mixed ancestry with minorities of German, Italian, French, Dutch, British, Swedish and Greek ancestry. Whites, Castizo and Mestizo together comprise 83% of the population.

An indigenous group of people, the Boruca, live in southern Costa Rica

About 2,660 people are in the Boruca tribe. They live in the Puntarenas area of Costa Rica on one of the first reservations that was established for indigenous Costa Ricans. They are popular for their crafts, particularly masks made for the "Fiesta de los Diablos" which is a three-day festival that stages fights between the Boruca Indians (depicted as devils) and the Spanish conquistadors (portrayed as Bulls).

El Boruca son nativos a Costa Rica. Son populares para ellos artesanía. Hacen máscaras que son usado en su festival, "Fiesta de los Diablos".

The Boruca people have a similar diet to the majority of Costa Rica, however there are some dishes and drinks unique to Boruca. The following are the most common traditional dishes and drinks of Boruca and the methods in which they are prepared:

Tamales can be prepared using rice, corn, or beans. All three types are considered special and served only at specific occasions, such as birthdays and when guests come to Boruca. The rice tamale is made by mixing uncooked rice with salt and oil. This compound can also be seasoned with chili, onion, ayote, or additional salt. Once finished, the rice is placed on a bijagua leaf, followed by pork and a final layer of rice. The leaf is then folded around the rice and pork and tied. The dish must cook for at least six hours. The corn variant is prepared in the same way, except that corn is used instead of rice and must only be cooked for one hour. The bean version can be made in the same manner but uses mashed beans instead of corn. The rice is most common.

Un típico comida en costa rica es tamales. Ellos pueden ser hecho de tres maneras diferentes. Los tres tipos son considerado especial y solo servido en especial ocasiones.

Palmares Fiestas

Each year, the Palmares fiestas begin the second week of January and continue through the month with a series of events. These include concerts, fireworks, sports activities, tents with alcohol and food, Costa Rican-style bullfighting and a traditional horse parade.

The lighting of the fair grounds, a parade of lanterns, and the start of the Palmarin Soccer Cup at the stadium officially begin the fiestas. The masses arrive at the start of the tope, a horse parade through the streets of Palmares, which starts around noon. At the horse parade, participants ride their best horses through the streets, showing off their beautiful steeds with fancy steps.

La gente de Costa Rica tener un grupo de fiestas cada año. Comenzando en la segunda semana de enero y durando hasta los próximos meses. Se llama los Palmares Fiestas.

There are many things to do in Costa Rica. From swimming on the sandy beaches, to trailing up the mountains.

1. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages. Many of the local farmers rent out their horses for tours and costs anywhere from $35 -55 depending on how long the tour is and where it takes you.

Equitación es un divertido actividad ese muchas personas disfrutar. Puedes alquilar un caballo de un local agricultor.

2. Go Zip Lining

Zip lining is one of the essential things to do in Costa Rica. You really can’t visit Costa Rica and not zip line since they are world famous for their long cables with spectacular views.

Tirolesa es una muy actividad popular en Costa Rica. Muchas personas disfrutan tirolesa porque del emoción que da. Tanto como la bonita vista.

3. Sunset cruise

You can take a sunset cruise and enjoy the beautiful ocean view.

Sunset cruises are a very popular choice for visiting tourists. This is one of the most relaxing things to do in Costa Rica: go on a sunset cruise and it’s particularly popular in Guanacaste because of the beautiful beaches up and down the Pacific coast. You can also go in Manuel Antonio, Playa Herradura and down in the Costa Ballena.

Cruceros al atardecer son muy populares en esta área. Hay hermosas todo alrededor de costa rica.

4. Snorkel or Scuba Dive

Snorkeling is a must do for ocean lovers, especially in northern Guanacaste and the Caribbean. If you’re a scuba diver, you can’t miss up on the opportunity to dive at some of the best sites in Central America such as Bat Islands, Cano Island and Catalina Islands.

Bucear es una actividad que es disfrutado por mucha gente que visita la zona. Hay muchos lugares donde se puede bucear o bucear en la zona.

5. Go boating

So if you’re visiting the coasts of Costa Rica, boating is an awesome day trip to beach hop, snorkel and enjoy a day out in the ocean. A private half day snorkeling/beach hopping tour costs around $150-180 per person or you can take the catamaran cruises in the morning to go snorkeling which are around $80 per person.

El canotaje es agradable para la gente de todas las edades. Cuesta alrededor de $ 150-180 por persona o puede tomar el catamarán cruceros por la mañana para practicar el esnórquel que son alrededor de $ 80 por persona.


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