Hello Let's Go

"A problem is only a problem in the absence of the right conversation"

People are interconnected and empowered like never before, and the demands on leaders to think smart, be lean, work fast and delivery is ever increasing.

We know the burden that this can place on leaders, creating a sense of isolation without the tools and solutions they need to move forward. Whilst we're drowning in tools to perpetuate personal success we must acknowledge that we don't live in a dystopian world of individualistic success - we are interdependent.

We need build better tools that can unlock the power of teams, relationships and conversations.

Imagine the alternative.

Imagine going to work feeling excited, not daunted. Where your relationship were rich, meaningful and honest. Where your team are ignited around a common cause and everyone was actually on the same page, not just pretending to be. Where agendas were clear and that uphill struggle became an exciting climb to new heights and successful outcomes.

We've developed an approach that will give you new ways to approach your outcomes, find creative ways around problems and allow you to unlock and harness the incredible potential of your team and those around you.

And it all starts with a simple conversation.

Only 30% of FTSE 100 companies value collaboration or teamwork

In a world where only 30% of FTSE 100 companies value collaboration or teamwork there is a massive opportunity for companies to secure a competitive edge by responding to the realities of todays workplace and maximise their full potential.

And that's why our offer is different - because it has to be. The endless ocean of self-help tools are not fit for purpose, they focus on the wrong things because their selling themselves to the 70% of companies who haven't come alive to the interconnected world in which we now live.

Our approach cuts through the noisey world of business and allows everyone to have the powerful dialogue they need to achieve results and build outstanding teams that make real progress.

We're not about concepts and abstract ideas or expense plans that never get executed - we're a team of skilled practitioners who will put tools within your grasp that you can use to realise and accelerate real, tangible change

How we can help

Inspiration and Events

Immersive events to engage leaders in new ways of thinking about collaboration - with space for powerful conversations

Conversation starters at scale – materials that can be used in every office or by every leader to talk about how to collaborate better

Interactive speeches to provoke a conversation

Training and Leadership

Applied learning – combining training, peer support structures and coaching – all using real life examples

Leadership development – taking practitioners deeper into how collaboration works, including diagnosing problems, responses and practices to change habits

On the job impact assessments including psychometric assessment (currently in development with UCL) and 360 feedback

Embedding and Structures

Reality check – investigation into the blockers and enablers of collaboration in the organisation – with qualitative and quantitative research

Collaboration blueprint – getting leaders to alignment on structures and interventions are really needed

Cultural prototypes – small experiments to optimise the culture, and capturing lessons for scale

Consulting and Projects

Coaching a leader through a high stakes collaborative project – our style is as a sparring partner around content and group process

We take on the leadership of complex challenges with multiple stakeholders – generating clarity and confidence at speed

Specialisms: identity, innovation, culture shift, strategy

The Let's Go team of practitioners combined bring over 40 years of experience of group work and leadership to any challenge.

And with a successful track record of 75+ consulting projects in over 20 countries over the last 10 years the Let's Go founder and Company Director, Richard Watkins ensures that we execute at pace and maximise impact for all our clients.

Some of out clients

We equip teams with practical tools, that everyone can use, to deliver real progress. But it starts with a simple conversation.

We'd love to send you a FREE conversation starter-kit. We believe in breakthrough for team and this just a small way that we can execute against that belief right away!

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