WW 2 Pepole and evEnts

WW 2 also known as world war 2 was a very dangerous war. The war started due to Germany. Germany was in financial depression because of the World War I agremment called the treay of versiallies. Causing Germany to pay millions of dollars because people thought they caused the war. Now Germany is mad at Jews for their depression and makes a plan to exterminate all Jews. Conflicts start against Germany causing the war.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf hitler was the dictator of Nazi Germany which started in the late 1920s. He promised the Germans a better life. Later he made a plan to kill all Jews. Hitler was a fascist. Meaning that he took away rights from people [mainly Jews] and gave his self his own power. He was a dangerous man. He took his own life and ended the nazis later on into World War II.

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the U.S.S.R or the Soviet Union which was a communist country at the time. The Soviet Union had many countries after the 1917 Russian revolution. Meaning Stalin has power. He helped the war with his army and tried to kill nazis during the war. He wanted industrial changes too.

Benito Mussolini

He was the leader or dictator of fascist Italy during WW II. He was a socialist and he created the fascist group which Hitler was. He eventually held almost all power in Italy until he was killed by his own people.

Hideki Tojo

This leader was the leader of Japan. Japan's military choose to take over Asia and the pacific.

America joined the war after the Pearl Harbor attack.

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