Indian Food By: Parin ShaIk

There are many types of Indian foods. Today, the food we will be learning is from South India, therefore, it is South Indian food. The food shown here is only a portion of the vast varities of Indian traditional food.


An idli is a south indian “dumpling” ish thing made out of rice. It is circular, and can be stuffed with things such as potatoes or spicy pickles. It can be dipped in certain sauces, or as they call in India, “chutneys”.


Another South Indian dish would be the Hyderabadi Biryani. Biryani is rice, and Hyderabadi biryani is widely popular. Most popular varities include mutton biryani and chicken biryani,

Pictured above is biryani.

The biryani can also be eaten with a type of Indian yogurt, known as “raita”

The picture above is cucumber raita.

In South India, specifically the Andhra region, another common dish is Pulihora, or lemon rice. It is mainly made up of tamarind, therefore the taste may be bitter.

The image above shows Pulihora.

A food commonly associated with South India would be dosas. A dosa is similar to a pancake, but is not sweet. Its batter is made up of lentils, and like idlis, can be dipped in different masalas (curries) or chutneys. This is typically a breakfast food.

The image above shows a dosa with various chutneys as dipping.

A common snack in South India would be vadas. Vadas, majority of the time, have a shape and look similar to an American donut, however, they both are very different. The vada is not sweet, but is made up of savory ingredients.


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