Harriet Tubman 1820-1913


Harriet Tubman was a humanitarian, an abolitionist, and a spy for United States during the period of the civil war. What made her different from everyone else was her contributions to the Underground Railroad, leading over seventy enslaved families to safety. Overall, she gave a big effort in the freedom of slaves and has become a big part of our history.

Obstacles faced

During her lifetime, Harriet Tubman faced many obstacles to overcome. Here are some significant obstacles that she achieved to go through.


1. Harriet Tubman was one of the top bounties from the civil war. Relentless of this, she still managed to complete all thirteen of her missions assigned, as well as, said above, free over 70 different families of being in slavery. She overcame this by being careful at all cost.

2. A big problem she faced during the civil war was her husband. One day when she went home, she had come to find that her husband was with another person, that he had secretly married. She then had to strive without having a husband AND still fight in the war. She overcame this however by telling herself that you can become better because of this.

3. During the time she helped with the Underground Railroad, she had some traitors that would help with the Underground Railroad just to capture the slaves, instead of letting them free, causing many problems for the people of the system, including Harriet Tubman. She dealed with this by only using people that she knew she could trust.

4. Getting people to safety wasn't always exactly easy, especially when you're a slave. Harriet Tubman would have to go over many obstacles to get the person to safety. She was able to overcome this though by hiring others for help in getting the people away to safety.

5. When Harriet was a Slave, she had to walk across town to get food (chicken) Along the way, she had to avoid her old master from seeing her, because her old master would probably capture her again. She would avoid this situation by taking a different route home.

Significant contributions

Harriet Tubman was a very important women in our history due to her significant contributions in our nations past. Here are some significant contributions that Harriet Tubman have done to change our country as a whole.


1. Harriet Tubman was a slave. She ran away from her slavery to help other slaves, just like herself, and ultimately changed our history all together.

2. During the civil war, she helped the Union army, being a nurse, a cook, as well as even being a spy. These contributed to the victory of the Union in the civil war.

3. Harriet Tubman helped make the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad helped contribute to the freeing of many slaves in America, and started a revolution as a result. The Underground Railroad helped free over 70 slave families, as well as 300 different people.

4. Harriet Tubman also helped women sufferage as well. She became an active member of the of the sufferage movement, which helped our country greatly.

5. After the civil war, Harriet started helping others by taking in ophans, as well as the elderly to take care of them. This, besides helping the many slaves, also contributed to the helping of people even after the problems of slavery were over!

Personal Qualities

Harriet Tubman was a major role in our history. She had many good qualities and helped benefit our country as a result for the better. Here are some of the main qualities that she possesses.


1. She had tenacity. This helped her because she used this skill during her time with the Underground Railroad.

2. She had strength. This helped her when trying to help others while working on the Underground Railroad

3. She was a women of determination. Determination was a good quality to have for her job, by being determined, it helped her to strive and get through everything.

4. She was very brave. This helped her because the kinds of jobs that she did needed bravery to go through, because some were very dangerous.

5. She had perseverance, no matter what she was doing. Perseverance was a great part of what she did. She needed perseverance to get through the tough obstacles she faced.

6. She was courageous. Being courageous is a big part of her job, and having to face the fear of whatever she had to do.

7. Most of all, she was hardworking. Freeing slaves like she did needed a hard worker. They had to get them away undetected, as well as getting them to a place to live, and ultimately giving them a better life.


Harriet Tubman had quite an adventurous lifetime. She had many different and important things that she did throughout many years in her life. Here are some of significant things that she did that contributed to our past.


1. Harriet Tubman was born in the 1820s, in Dorchester Country, Maryland.

2. As a young girl, between the years of 1824 and 1828, she had a head injury by being hit a heavy metal weight, causing her to have seizures and many migraines.

3. Harriet marries John Tubman in 1844.

4. 1849, Harriet Tubman escaped her master to go to Philadelphia.

5. 1850, Harriet leads many slaves to the Underground Railroad and to safety.

6. 1851, Harriet Tubman travels 11 fugitive northward, with one of them said to be Fredrick Douglass.

7.1860, Harriet Tubman opens home to free slaves

8. 1861, The civil war begins, Harriet joins to help the Union.

9.1865, The war ends, Harriet marries another person, a civil war veteran, and they adopt a child.

10. Harriet Tubman dies on 1913, in Alburn, New York.

Personal Quote

"I would fight for my liberty so long as my strength lasted, and if the time came for me to go, the lord would let them take me"



Harriet Tubman was an important character in our nations history. She had many significant contributions to our country, despite facing obstacles, and had many good personal qualities all together. Overall, she was a very important to our countries past and she should be remembered for a long time.



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