Hybrid Cars are Ugly And out of your budget

There are two options when it comes to hybrid cars, an ugly sedan that nobody really wants and something like this here. But chances are this car is out of their price range.
This is what car manufacturer have been giving to the public when it comes to hybrid cars, where is the sleek sports car? where is the mini van for families of seven? This needs to change if the hybrid car market is going to take off.

Here is the problem.

We are filling the pockets of the oil industry, making them one of the largest industries in the world. It will never be in the best interest of the oil industry to fund or even allow hybrid cars to become popular.

Unfortunately, the oil and gas industry being as large as it is, gives quite a large pull in the white house. Government funding needs to be more readily available to researchers attacking the problem of fossil fuels. Because that is what the over use of fossil fuels is, a big problem.


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