Arachnophobia By reagan Lepore

“Only 15 more minutes” I thought to myself. We had just taken a test so we sat in the silent classroom waiting for people to finish and the ringing sound of the bell that would set us free.

“Please bring up your mice and headphones” my teacher uttered. Now this teacher isn't your normal teacher. He will yell at you for the littlest things and he either likes you or hates you there no inbetween. As people got up to return their things, I heard a loud scream. Everyone turned around to see Charlotte looking at something on the ground, it looked like a big piece of dust until it moved and I realized what is really was... a spider.

I got up so fast and raced to the other side of the classroom. People were wondering what I was doing because I was crying and hyperventilating.

Minutes later, Jerry took of his shoe and threw it at the ground with a loud thump, thankfully it was dead. Now there's this girl Karen. And here's the thing about Karen, she is the type of person that will make jokes about you and do things to annoy you, so this girl has the audacity to pick up the spider, walk over to me with and, and put the thing ON me.

“KAREN!” exclaimed my teacher. I thought he was going to yell at her to stop but instead what he did was sing the itsy bitsy spider and everyone else joined in.

Finally, the bell rang and I bolted out of there. While speeding through the halls people were asking what was wrong but I just ignored them because I knew what would happen. They would make fun of me or show me pictures to make me scared, which is what happened.

Throughout the rest of the day, people kept talking to me about what had happened so I couldn’t stop thinking about it and how that was the most scariest experience I have ever had in my life. And whenever I bring it up Karen laughs like it’s funny she did that to me.

To this day I still don’t forgive Karen for putting it on me and the teacher for not stopping what was happening.


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