Larry Bird By- Andrew Hunter

Larry Bird Highlights
Larry bird December 7, 1956 in West Baden Springs, Indiana. Larry had gotten his first basketball as a Christmas gift when he was 4 and played basketball his whole childhood. The older Bird got the more skilled and taller he got during a game when Bird was 14 he broke his ankle going for a rebound but he recovered from it.
Larry Bird started college at Indiana university but he quit after 24 days because he didn't like it. Later that year birds father commited suicide. One year later Bird was recruited to Indiana state, in 1975 Bird had gotten married and then he had a daughter plus a divorce. Birds last year in college he played for the NCAA championship against Magic Johnson and lost the game but Larry still beat Johnson statistics wise.
During summer of 1979 Bird was signed to the Boston Celtics. During his first season Larry was voted rookie of the year and was also the highest paid rookie in the NBA. The Celtics record went from 29-53 to 61-21 in Birds first season. The return of the Celtics was complete after winning the championship of the Houston Rockets. Bird was MVP for two seasons in a row 1983 and 1984 he also got the finals MVP award. After a few more seasons Bird retired due to multiple back problems. But Bird had earned one last gold medal in the olympics before that.
Larry Bird went from rookie of the year player to rookie of the year coach, he was the second player in NBA history to do that successfully. After many years of coaching the Indiana Pacers Bird is now the owner of the Pacers till this day.

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