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This video, along with the next two, was a request from Ladue's field hockey coach. For their senior night, she wanted to know if anyone from my class could make some videos that highlighted their time on the team. She wanted someone to make some videos about them that could be displayed on our school's brand new Jumbotron. I am friends with many of the field hockey seniors so I thought it would be fun to jump on this project. I split up their videos into three different categories: Senior Advice, Memories, and Impact.

Making these field hockey videos, I didn't have much guidance or any outline. I went to one of their practices and interviewed each of the seniors. I also recorded some B Roll of them playing. I learned a lot about how to do a correct interview, how to use a tripod, a camera, microphones, and Final Cut Pro. This was my first ever big project and it turned out a success! The parents during the game loved it, and I received a cordial email form the coach thanking me on my videos.

For this video, we needed another, recent, Football Hype video. I used highlights from their games that I found on the stadium cameras. I found a really cool song off youtube and tried my best to match up some jump cuts with the beat. I think this makes a really cool effect and I think it turned out well. This was my first ever hype video and it taught me the importance of editing and matching the screen with the sound.

This video is a little promotion for fishing club. I've been to fishing club since it started because my good friend, Lili, started it and I wanted to support her. It's also just super fun to hang and fish with your friends. Since I like fishing club and because my friend started it, I thought it would be fun to highlight her club. I went to one of the fishing outings and began filming (sadly no one caught a fish that day). It felt very gratifying when she told me that she loved the video and showed her whole family!

I decided to make this video in light of recent Anti-Semitic events. I think a lot of antisemitism comes from a misunderstanding, people don't know what they can and can't say. Hopefully this video will teach others about what is considered criticism of Israel versus antisemitism. While editing this video, I realized that I did not have enough B-roll of my interviewee. It would have made my video a lot better if I had some more shots. For next time I now know that when I think I have enough footage, always get some more. The more the merrier. Next time I'd rather have too much footage than not enough. I also had a very hard time keeping it within the time limits. It ended up going a little over even though I had cut out so much information. I feel as though with this video and interview I couldn't properly tell the story in only 90 seconds.

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Created with images by James Wheeler - "We fished right until the sun set past the mountains before pulling in the rods and heading back to Vancouver for dinner." • Cole Keister - "untitled image"