ASHRAE Volunteer Day April 12, 2017

Lifecycle Building Center (LBC) is a community-based warehouse facility that directly assists the general public by identifying and implementing best practice green building-related concepts. The idea is to reduce solid waste disposal, promote resource efficiency, stimulate economic development, and empower every citizen to improve their own built environment.

Mission: The mission of LBC is to make the lifecycle use of the built environment increasingly efficient and sustainable.

LBC's Operational Highlights: Since beginning operations in 2011, LBC has diverted over 2.2 million pounds of building materials from landfills and saved the community over $1.4 million through deep discounts on material purchases, avoided disposal costs and the donation of free building materials to over 90 nonprofit organizations.

Here is the list of tasks which we were allowed to pick from.
First, we chose to complete an order of 400 sq ft for reclaimed wood. We measured each bundle of wood and calculated the linear footage (length x number of panels) and square footage (linear footage / 144).
Second, we measured, packaged, and reorganized 4 shelves of donated blinds in their retail store.
The warehouse itself dates back to 1914. LBC recently received a grant to update the building - in a few photos, you can see the old pulley systems still in place. LBC's retails store sells or directs new and used building materials to the public. The 70,000 square foot store is open to the general public five days a week. LBC’s pricing structure is between 50-85% below new material costs.
Cool pieces for sale. The silver wing is a jet engine up-cycled into a chair... which costs $5,000 (not kidding).
Group Photo (left to right): Cindy Michaels, Anne Wilson, Megan Joyce, Lauren Walters, and Erin McGee.

Interested in volunteering in ASHRAE's next activity? Feel free to contact ASHRAE's Volunteer Activities Committee (VAC) via email at

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