Gallery Portfolio Payton Schmanski

Myra Powell is the artist of these pieces, her art is displayed at the union station in Ogden. Her pictures were mostly centered around different areas in Utah, including nature and animals. something unique about her gallery is that all of pieces had prices on them and different colored stickers to categorization them by price. she organized the placement of the pieces by size and amount of lighting needed.

My first gallery experience was really surprisingly very fun. the room was dim with spotlights on the pieces, and that really drew my eye to the pieces. It was also fun looking at the pictures and recognizing the different in Utah that i have and haven't been too.the pictures reminded me a lot of family vacations that i went in my childhood. my response to the pieces in the art gallery were close to my heart because it reminded me of where Ive grown up.

This type of gallery was a photo gallery, which i thought was very unique because i though art gallery were for paintings mostly. Her work was mostly naturalistic, including landscapes. Many of her images had sunsets in them and were set in different periods of the day, showing different perspectives of light. Her photos included many element that Utah is know for such as our snow, bison on antelope island, and the great salt lake.

In her pieces the media she used was her camera. For that reason is why i liked her pieces because they were unique. lighting was a big content that i noticed in her pieces it seems to me that the lighting is what the photo is centered around. Also she used lighting in the display at the gallery was also used to help draw the audiences eye to the pieces around the room. She also captured many different colors in photographs in order to draw the to the piece.

In her pieces she used elements such as stationary not much movement in her pieces probably because they are photographs and movement is difficult to capture. we haven't really gone over photographs in class very much but Overall her pieces reminded me of my teacher Mrs.Huss and her wedding pictures due to the landscape and nature setting in the pieces. the outside influence i see is Utah environments.


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