Vietnam War By: Joe Norbut

The Vietnam War put Communist allies against Anti-Communist allies. North Vietnam and South Vietnam split into two countries, North Vietnam continued as a communist state, while South Vietnam remained a Republic. America and the Anti-Communist allies saw the war as a war against communism.


Many American citizens began to question their countries insistence after U.S. planes began regular bombings of North Vietnam in February 1965, after Vietnam sunk two ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. Protests began mostly on college campuses when students expressed their opinions publicly.


American Citizens learned of the Vietnam War far after it started. When civilians learned of the war and how it was being fought, many protested the war. This was likely due to how the Vietnam War was the first broadcast war, and it was the first time everyday people could watch how war was fought.


During the Vietnam war, Vietnamese troops were severely outnumbered, this caused Vietnam to fight dirty. North Vietnam used gurella warfare, where they would set up ambushes to take out american solders before they got into a fight. Vietnam noticed that american forces would bombard a landing point with artillery before landing and dispatching troops. Vietnamese solders would set up around the landing zone and set their ambushes there.

The Homefront

During the Vietnam war, american citizens were very unsupportive of the war. Many protests and propaganda sprung up against the war. Many citizens believed the war wasn't being fought the right way, and for the wrong reasons. some of those "Wrong reasons" consist of america intervening in a foreign war about independence, and many believing it was an "Unwinnable War"


Music during the Vietnam war was a major part of the media in that time. During that era in music, many songs about peace, love, and other anti-war messages sprung up. many great bands/musicians sprung up during this time, such as CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival), John Lennon, Billy Joel, and many other music legends.


Propaganda during the Vietnam war was mostly around Anti-War protests. Towards the beginning of the war, some pro war propaganda arose, but towards the early 60s, most all war propaganda was focused on ending the war. Anti-War propaganda was promoted during the protests against the war.


Most media during the Vietnam war was focused on creating controversy. Many news outlets covered the war, and it was the first war to be publicly broadcast to american civilians. Many believe that news outlets covering mostly negative subjects on the war might have caused america to loose the war, but many experts who studied the subject say that most news sources prior to 1968 were more supportive of the war.


The Vietnam war had many effects on American economy. Many factories that were being used to make consumer goods were changed to make military equipment. with the anti-war beliefs consumer support dropped, causing more strain on the governments budget.

Governmental Foreign Policies

America got involved in the Vietnam war for many reasons. One of which was America trying to assure that developing countries modernize as capitalist and democratic. America also has a vendetta against communism, which North Vietnam was constructing through. America wanted to defend South Vietnam while they developed as a capitalist and democratic, and while the Capitalist North Vietnam was attacking them.

The Draft

The Draft in the Vietnam War recruited as many Americans as it could. Most new recruits came from lower to working class Americans, with only 20% coming from middle class, and very few coming from upper class. Draft Dodgers are Americans who were to be recruited, but moved away from america, mostly to Canada, to avoid being drafted. During the Vietnam draft, Marriage no longer protected men from going to war, so many men claimed to be gay and fled to other countries.

Family Roles

While the husbands and men of the family were at war, the wives and children stayed home. The wives were forced to make enough income to support their families, and the children often helped. Women mainly worked in the factories supporting war efforts, as well as the children. As husbands returned, family's retained psychological effects. PTSD was very common in returning solders, and the family continued to worry about the effects for as long as they would last.


Veterans coming back from Vietnam faced many struggles. In the past, war vets were respected for their efforts, but because the US failed in the Vietnam war, Vets were disrespected and thought of as not living up to their predecessors. Vets also struggled with PTSD and other common wartime diseases on top of the social stigmas.


The main purpose of the Vietnam war for america was to stop the spread of communism. To combat south Vietnam converting to communism, america sent money and all the support they could. The financial cost to the United States comes to something over $150 billion dollars, a huge cost to america and its population.

Race Equality

The Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement overlapped in american history, causing major conflicts for black citizens and solders. Black soldiers had fought in all of America’s previous military encounters, but in segregated units. During the Vietnam War, black platoons were in small quantity, and seen as the scum of the earth. After Martin Luther King’s assassination white soldiers applauded his murder. Racist graffiti, cross burning and Ku Klux Klan material were tolerated on some bases.

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