Minnesota Falls If you build it they will come

In the small town of International Falls, Minnesota, work has commenced on a pipeline that is located on a historical burial ground sacred to the Bois Forte Band of the Chippewa Tribe.

The pipeline has ignited a slew of fiery and violent protests between the native locals and the pipeline workers.

Minnie (White, 20's), a troubled local works at a popular diner frequented by the workers and is regularly harassed. She was the victim of a rape crime and has nothing but disdain in her heart for the workers and the leader of the group Ryan Jameson nicknamed RJ (White Male, 40's).

As tension and violence between the protesters and the workers escalate, the town comes to a halt when one of the workers is found dead and put on display in a ritualistic funeral tradition on the sacred burial grounds.. .

Every 33 hours, a different pipeline worker is found brutally murdered and displayed in this manner. Female Detective Alex Jones (30's) is put on the case and begins interviewing locals, protestors and natives.

Brad McDaniels (White, 30's), one of the few pipeline workers with a soul confesses to the detective that he feels greater forcers are at play. If there's one thing thats been tried and true about this town despite all its problems, is that there are no killers, not of this ilk anyway.

Caleb Jones, Current Chief of the tribe is double

Detective Jones interviews Minnie who seems out of sorts. Detective Jones asks her about the workers that come there for lunch everyday. She asks about the rape she reported a year ago and how hard it must have been that no one believed her and the system, including Detective Jones, failed her. "That doesn't matter anymore..Minnesota falls but gets back up.... thats what my grandpa use to say."

Detective Jones begins doing research into Bois Forte Band of Chippewa tribe and figures out the Minnie's grandfather was actually the Chief and Shaman of the tribe. She sends a team to find his burial site. Meanwhile Brad Mcdaniels confesses to Detective Jones that he heard about Minnie's rape from Ryan James, it did in fact happen. He feels guilty and is worried he might be next.

The team finds that the Chief's burial ground has been dug up and there is no body. Detective Jones tries to find Minnie. Brad Mcdaniels see's some sort of spirit in the reflection of his window. Panicked he tries to contact Detective Jones...who discovers Ryan James's dead body on the burial site.

Brad Mcdaniels is the last of the pipeline workers, he packs his things to leave town and finds Minnie waiting outside his home. He confesses that he knows what they did to her and apologizes for not saying anything, for not helping. He begins to cry and beg for his life. Detective Jones shows up just in time and takes Minnie away.

Six Months later. The work on the pipeline has permanently stopped. The Sacred Indian Burial Ground was Preserved. Minnie's in an insane Asylum shaking back and forth. "Minnesota Falls but she gets back up...."

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