BeMobile's Response to COVID- 19 Verizon continues to closely monitor developments related to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus

Daily Guest Updates:

Friday, May 8th

To help customers during this trying time Verizon is announcing an extended return policy. We will now be able to accept returns and exchanges up to 30 days after a purchase for all purchases between 3/16/20 and 5/31/20. Please contact your local BeMobile to learn more.

Thursday, May 7th

Right now the safest way for us to support our local businesses is to purchase gift cards from them, and we want to give back to you for helping your communities! Simply submit your receipt from a recent purchase from your favorite local business and we'll match it! Click the button below to learn more.

Wednesday, April 29th

Verizon is helping out small businesses with Pay It Forward, streamed entertainment performances. When viewer's use the hashtag #PayitForwardLIVE, Verizon will donate up to $2.5 million to ISC.org to support small businesses.

Verizon has provided an update to what they are doing to help out its customers during this time, such as adding on an extra 15 GB of data, offering free streamed performances, and more.

Wednesday, April 23rd

Wednesday, April 15th

Verizon announces additional discounts for teachers, nurses, first responders and military to give more to those that give the most! Get Start Unlimited from $30/line per month with 4 lines. Plus taxes & fees. Discount starts on 4.23. Please visit your local BeMobile to learn more.

Monday, April 13th

In a time of tremendous uncertainty, The New York Times and Verizon are partnering to give high schools across the country free digital access to The Times to help students understand and stay connected to this rapidly evolving world.

Wednesday, April 9th

In following the CDC recommendations we will be recommending both our guests and employees to wear facemasks to help in our efforts to slow the spread of the virus and to allow for interactions that may have to be closer than the recommended 6 feet apart. Please see the CDC provided site for how to properly wear and make your own cloth face covering.

Monday, April 6th

During these unprecedented times, criminals will go to great lengths to steal from consumers. We are here to help! We are want to keep you as protected and informed as possible. Read this article on the current COVID-19 scams going around and how to avoid them.

Friday, April 3rd

Wednesday, April 1st

Monday, March 30th

We're adding an extra 15GB to your data plan.

We’re here. And we’re ready to support wireless customers and small businesses across the country with an extra 15GB of 4G LTE to your shared data plan (extra 15GB of 4G LTE hotspot data for Unlimited). We’re all in this together. Stay safe. Stay connected.

Click the button below to learn more.

Wednesday, March 25th

We want to keep you connected! Find your local BeMobile for details at bemobile.com/locations

Monday, March 23rd

Update to Returns, Exchanges and Service Cancellations:

To help customers during this trying time Verizon is announcing an extended return policy. We will now be able to accept returns and exchanges up to 30 days after a purchase for all purchases between 3/16/20 and 4/30/20. Please contact your local BeMobile to learn more.

Friday, March 20th

Bought a new phone? You can transfer the data over to your new phone yourself! Here's how:

Transfering your own data can help provide one less touch point on your new phone while in store and limit your time in store. If you consider yourself tech savvy and feel comfortable use this link to transfer this data. Not so tech savvy? That's okay! We are still here to help and will ask you to wipe down your device and we will wipe it down after we finish all the set up steps.

Thursday, March 19th

As an extra precaution to keep both our staff and you as safe as possible, we will be implementing a few updates in our guest interactions. We will be practicing social distancing within our guest interactions, meaning that we will keep the recommended by the CDC - 6 feet apart while you are in store. It might feel a little strange but we promise we are doing it for the health of all involved. Also before touching your device, we will ask you to please wipe it down with TechTonic screen cleaner, provided by us for you to use as needed. Thank you for your understanding!

Additional online and by phone support hours from Verizon 1 (800) 922-0204

Tech Support: Monday - Saturday 8 AM - 7 PM, Closed Sunday

Customer Care: Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM , Closed Saturday and Sunday

Wednesday, March 18th

In an effort to assist customers that have been affected by COVID-19, BeMobile will suspend the mandatory $25 Set Up Assistance charge for customers that opt to utilize their own equipment to activate new lines of service or request assistance with content transfers between their devices.

In addition to BeMobile's reduced fees for customers, Verizon has also announced that beginning tomorrow customers who upgrade or activate new lines of service will receive Waived Upgrade & Activation Fees. *some restrictions apply, please see store for details.


Last Update Tuesday, March 17th

BeMobile’s Response to COVID-19

BeMobile Verizon is continually monitoring the situation created by the Coronavirus outbreak.

All BeMobile Business Operations – BeMobile is currently operating with regular business hours and staffing policies. We are adhering to both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and per State Department of Health in each community we do business in.

Safety is our priority for both our guests and our employees. Starting immediately, we are implementing certain protocols to protect everyone involved:

• Extra disinfectant supplies delivered to every store

• Additional scheduled cleanings of all work stations and public areas

• Reduced contact in guest interactions with additional sanitation and disinfectant throughout interactions

• Flexibility provided for staff’s schedules that are affected by school or day care closures

• Time off given in the event of any employee requiring health screening or quarantine

• Precautions planned if situations escalate in any of our stores

• Requesting that staff and guests stay home if they are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms

It is important for us to stay in operation for as long as is safe. We have a responsibility to help keep our communities connected as we navigate through this unprecedented time. We have solutions in place to help you through this time for your home or business. Verizon has resources to help keep you informed about our network here: https://www.verizon.com/about/news/our-response-coronavirus. BeMobile will work side by side with our communities and partners to create the safest experience for our staff and guests.

Please follow any of our media platforms for the latest news. For any questions please contact our corporate office: megan.rupe@bemobile.com; jason.prinsen@bemobile.com or call 701-317-7006. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Small Businesses

Are you a small business connected with Verizon? Efforts are available to help during this time, please see the link below for more information or stop into your local BeMobile.

Verizon helping Small Businesses

Ready in the face of uncertainty: Five actions for business. Readiness is not just an idea, it is an approach that makes businesses more responsive and agile, even in the face of unforeseen events. Learn more here.


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