Instagram: @ricardo_laguna

Twitter: @ricardo_laguna

YouTube: /bmxfever702

Facebook: /iamricardolaguna

Vero: @Ricardo_Laguna

Born and raised in La Paz, Mexico, Ricardo Laguna moved to Las Vegas at the age of 13. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Ricardo’s passion for BMX riding was fostered during his high school years. He signed on as a professional athlete at the age of 18 and won the "King of Dirt" competition, making him the #1 Latin and South American Dirt Jumper in the world. Ricardo is a frequent competitor in major tournaments, including: The Dew Action Sports Tour, Gravity Games, Nokia Fise, and BMX Masters among others. Laguna has performed in shows worldwide and has hosted his own Action Sports and Music Festival in Las Vegas for the past 12 years called "The Ricardo Laguna BMX Dirt Challenge" at Extreme Thing.

Outside of his BMX career, Ricardo has been recognized as an accomplished sportscaster, including being the first Spanish-speaking announcer at the X-Games. His face has graced the cover of several BMX magazines. He was named one of 2013’s Most Intriguing People by Vegas Seven and voted 2009’s hottest bachelor by Vegas Magazine. He has been featured in numerous magazines and television shows and in March 2012, Ricardo premiered in The Ricardo Laguna Project, on MTV Tr3s and MTV Latin America – a reality series that offers a glimpse into Ricardo’s multifaceted life.

Ricardo is active in the Las Vegas community through his work with numerous charitable organizations with a special emphasis on promoting bike helmet safety. He is also the co-founder of CelebrandoHispanicFest, an annual cultural event held in Las Vegas.


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