My Heaven Anthony Hockenberry

One cold, snowy winter day, December 28, 1999 to be exact, there was a child born by the name of Anthony Hockenberry. He was born fairly late in the evening. After he was born, his parents Jim and Janice Hockenberry were hungry, but the hospital cafeteria was closed and they were stuck in the hospital. They decided their only option was to order a pizza, but where would they have it delivered. They decided to have it delivered to the emergency room. It was pretty late and pizza places were closing but they finally found one that was open. The pizza was then delivered to the emergency room and Jim and Janice ate pizza after their son Anthony was born.

It is now Anthony's 16th birthday. Your 16th birthday is supposed to be a very big birthday right? Your sweet 16? Not for Anthony. Antony takes part in an activity called Indoor Percussion and they have 3 rehearsal days over winter break called Mini Camp. Mini camp runs from 11 am to 6 pm. That is 7 hours of long, hard work. That year, one of the 3 days of mini camp happened to land on Anthony's birthday. He had so spend his birthday working very hard. It ended up being one of his most memorable birthdays though because all of his friends do indoor percussion with him, and although he had to work hard, he got to work hard with all of his favorite people.

Anthony's heaven would be somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Anthony's favorite season is winter and he loves the snow and the cold. Anthony's dream college is the University of Utah which is right in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. He also loves to ski and is very good as skiing. Anthony's would spend his whole life in the mountains if he could.

The first person Anthony would meet in heaven would be his great-grandmother. She was a very wise and sagacious woman. She was very respectful to everyone and did not act venerate. She would teach him that you should enjoy life while you still have it, and that life is a gift. When Anthony was young, his great-grandma was still alive. He went to visit her at Sunrise Assisted Living often. When he would visit her, she would always put out food and drinks for all of her guests. Although her husband died and she lived alone in assisted living, she made the best of every moment and was always acted placidly with others, and that is what Anthony will learn from her.

The second person Anthony will meet in Heaven, is his high school band director, Toad Stefan. Anthony marched in the North Allegheny Marching Band, directed by Mr. Stefan, and preformed in the North Allegheny Senior High School Wind Ensemble, which was also lead by Mr. Stefan. Mr. Stefan would teach Anthony that you can't dwell on the bad times for ever. In Anthony's sophomore year, Mr. Stefan's wife died in a terrible calamity. But even though this happened to him and he was in melancholy, he did not let it impede on his job and still came to band and taught ht his students. He will teach Anthony that you can fight through all the tough situations you go through.

The third person Anthony will meet, is a man by the name of Vic Firth. When it came to music, he was a nonconformist. Vic Firth will teach Anthony that hard work pays off. Anthony never knew Vic Firth in real life but knew him because he loved is company's products. Vic Firth was a musician who was not happy with the drumsticks and mallets that were on the market at the time. So he went and started his own company and created his own drumsticks and mallets. He worked very hard to grow his company and now his company is one of the largest drumstick companies in the world.

The fourth person Anthony will meet in Heaven, is his mother. Although he caused her trouble and she showed disapprobation towards him sometimes, she took care of him throughout all of his life. The lesson she will teach him is time management. When he was in school, she had a full time job that had a different schedule each day. She would have to drive to 8-9 patients house each day and never even had time for lunch. On top of that, she was the Administrative Vice-President of the North Allegheny District Band Patrons, president of the North Allegheny Indoor Percussion, and manager of Anthony's sisters soccer team. She will teach him that good time management is very important.

The last person Anthony will meet in Heaven, is one of his peers in middle school. Anthony does not remember the kids name because he moved away from North Allegheny. But he remembers that in 6th grade he jokingly poked fun at the kid and the kid was laughing too. It ended up though, that the kid Anthony thought was laughing, was actually hurt by the joke. This peer of Anthony's will teach Anthony that everyone's feelings matter and you should not make fun of them, even if it is a joke, and he will also teach him temperance and keeping your aversions to your self.

"But all endings are also beginnings" (Albom, 1).

"Time, is not what you think it u think. Dying? Not the end of everything. We think it is. But what happens on Earth is only the beginning" (Albom, 91).

"You have peace when you make it with your self" (Albom, 113)

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Anthony Hockenberry


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