CannabiSoft All Inclusive Cannabis Business Software TEchnology.

Cannabisoft helps you manage everything your cannabis business must track to be in compliance while ensuring your genetics are recorded and your workforce is complete with high level applicants.

Easy to use GUI

Working to create the easiest to use cannabis business platform that ensures cannabis cultivators can access data easily, on the jobsite without an internet signal while remaining secure in the cloud.

Mobile platform driven.
Always networking and finding new people to engage that support the cannabis industry!
Well defined and up to date easy to use online interface will cut down reporting time, risk of audit and ensure that you are able to easily record cannabis genetic data to ensure ease of tracking and continuity of strain information.
World driven focus, beginning in the US for launch.

We are looking at this from a world wide viewpoint and we are excited to provide an all inclusive, seamless solution that will ensure high use of the system, low churn and high retention for monthly recurring subscriptions.

Sales & Marketing

CannabiSoft has 2 full time equity paid employees (myself and Travis Cox), we also have two business partners, and two independent sales representatives who have smashed their sales records for their current employer and plan to help us surge our first and second quarter goals. Jessi, Keith and Kurt round out the sales team while Travis offers sales support. The goal is to have all of our accounts on recurring revenue monthly subscriptions at $500 USD monthly.

Our talent and executive staffing recruitment model will offer our company much needed relevance and cash flow to orient ourselves as the experts in the industry and offer us a direct marketing and sales forum.

We work in person at least three times a month otherwise we are remote based, saving overhead for development and awareness.

Jessi Cox is the CEO and Founder of CannabiSoft. She saw a complex and all inclusive software need for the cannabis industry from her infancy in the industry. Jessi is considered a cannabis insider in the U.S.A and she is very well connected to over 1000 cannabis professionals and experts throughout the world. She has over 10 years of software startup business development and sales experience. Jessi is always working on something to do with CannabiSoft and is solely focused on success. She has managed to work out many strategic relationships to ensure CannabiSoft is welcomed with open arms into the industry by allowing our model to be extremely integratable with an open API.

Travis Cox is the COO and Co-Founder of CannabiSoft. He joined CannabiSoft at Jessi's invitation and has not looked back. Travis has experience from all aspects of bank finance, compliance, regulatory, time and labor management, distribution and he speaks fluent Japanese which is helpful with our Japanese relations. Travis brings organization and balance to the team.

Our office mantra. Keep calm and achieve greatness.

We are looking for 2.5 million for venture capital. We have fantastic partners signing up daily and we are adding two very savvy team members to our team full time shortly, who have P.H.D in cannabis genetics. These hires are worth a lot by themselves.


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