ACU Freshman Curfew Kasie Delley

Why Is It A Problem?

When you come to college you are supposed to learn how to

be independent while managing your time. Giving a midnight curfew to incoming

freshman is limiting their independence in their college experience. By law if we

are adults then when are we have curfew?

How Can We Solve This Problem?

  1. Extend Curfew Times
  2. Extend the amount of Curfew Violation "Free Bes" Given

Let's Sum It Up...

The problem for Freshman curfew can not only limit their independence and what they believe the college “lifestyle” is like, but it can also have them spend unnecessary funds to pay for violations when they could be doing something productive with their fees. The best solution for the ACU Resident Directors to do is get rid of curfew completely. This can teach incoming freshman time management skills, give them more independence than they had at home, giving them more of a social life and not subjecting them to their dorm the majority of the time throughout the week.

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Kasie Delley

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