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Italy is located on the southern tip of Europe. Up north of Italy is France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. Southwest of Italy lies the Mediterranean Sea, while East of Italy is the Adriatic Sea.


The climate in Italy consists of hot summers and cold winters. December and January are the coldest months while August and July are the hottest months. Italy lies in the temperate climate zone.

Physical Characteristics

Italy, the boot-shaped country, has many features that make it unique. Italy itself is a little bigger than the size of Arizona. It contains the Alps, the most rugged mountains in the world, which separate it from France. It has a few rivers all of which are relatively small. On the other hand, it has about 1,500 landscape. The land is good for agriculture even though it has a rugged landscape. It also is comprised of twelve major islands including Sicily and Sardinia.


Italy unfortunately has some bad environmental problems. Some of these problems include water and air pollution. Long term environmental threats also affect Italy. The pollution from cars and motorcycles over time have became so bad that Rome is creating a project to protect ancient monuments from vibrations and pollution from these vehicles.


The population of Italy is about 60 million people. The birth and death rates are equal which causes the population to balance out.


Customs & Traditions

The customs and traditions for Italians is important. Arts are a big hit to Italians. In fact, the famous Mona Lisa was illustrated by an Italian himself, Leonardo da Vinci. Sports are also big in Italy. Soccer is the most famous and most played sport in Italy. Bicycling, motorcycle racing, basketball, boxing, tennis, and skiing down the Alps are some other sports Italians enjoy. Some traditional, Italian holidays include New Years Day, Epiphany, Liberation Day, Labor Day, Assumption, All Saints Day, Immaculate Conception, Christmas, and St. Stephens Day. Easter is also celebrated in some parts of Italy. Family plays a big role in Italian society because many aspects in Italy are influenced in on it. Most of the families are patriarchal and are based on the Catholic Church.


The main and most popular religion in Italy is the Roman Catholics. Non-catholic Christian groups, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Bahai’s, and Buddhists make less than 5% of population. However, religious activity is not a big part of daily life to Italians.The people are allow to practice whatever religion they would like, but recently, there has been some discrimination against Jews and Muslims.


Italy's official language is Italian. Many dialects have been made throughout Italy. Tuscany is the standard dialect for most of the regions in Italy. French, Slovene, German, and Fruilian are also spoken in Italy, but they are not as popular.


Italy's national, most famous, and popular food is pasta. Pizza is also a popular food that became well known world-wide. Espresso is a standard beverage that Italians drink throughout Italy.Food is a primary element to Italian life.

Catherine and her Destiny

Andrew Lang


After choosing her destiny of a happy old age, Catherine lives a miserable childhood where her dad is dead and is left with no money. Also, Destiny makes her life so much harder by making it hard on her to earn money. Every time she finds a lady to serve to get money, Destiny forces her to leave the house when she is left alone. However, if Catherine gets through this miserable childhood, then, and only then, will she be able to reach her long and peaceful old ages.

Special Beginning

The story starts out with "Long ago there lived a", a traditional fairy tale beginning.

Good Character

Catherine plays the role of the good character and protagonist in this story. She becomes servants to many different ladies to earn money and serves them well. Even though Destiny ruins everything she has in her childhood, she never gives up and keeps on working until she gets her happy old age.

Evil Character

In this story, evil is too strong of a word to describe Destiny, but she is definetly that antagonist during Catherine's childhood. For seven years after losing her father and having no money, as soon as "Catherine found a fresh place her Destiny came and forced her to leave."(Lang)


At the end of the story, Catherine ends up actually marrying the king, and becomes a beautiful queen.

Magic use

Magic is used in this story a few times by Destiny. She often tends to "[vanish] the next moment as suddenly as she had come." She also magically fixed everything she tore apart in about five seconds.(Lang)


Catherine is left with nothing but a miserable childhood after choosing her destiny of a good, old age, but bad childhood. However, when Destiny knows she had suffered enough, she gave her the key to her peaceful old age.

The number 3

The number 3 showed up frequently at different times in this fairy tale. Catherine's father "had in his hall three great chairs, one is silver, one of gold, and one of diamonds". Another place 3 showed up was when Catherine had to go up to the mountains everyday for her lady and call out, "O destiny, my mistress" three times. The last place it showed up was when the king tried to balance out the silk with his treasure three different times.(Lang)

Connection to Italy

Italians used to make and sell silk. Italy is known for their fine silk. In the end of this story, a ball of silk was given to Catherine by her Destiny, and that ended up being the key to her long and peaceful adulthood. So not only was that a big component of the story, it also is what tied the story to Italy.

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A Vemuri


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