The assignment/challenge is to design an app prototype that will be useful to incoming UO freshman. This includes creating possible user personas with a detailed description of the user's background, goals, behaviors, and goals. Ideation, wherein the group brainstorms ideas for the app features, functions, benefits and functions. During the scenarios we will create storylines for each of the characters, establishing a daily routine and how each of our personas will use the mobile app in their daily life. The next step will be to make a wireframe for our app using InDesign, this will showcase a rough draft and example of the app. The last step to the mobile app project will be to create a prototype.


After brainstorming, we felt that several features were important and useful to freshmen at the UO: alarm, planner, check-list, map, events, and resources. We decided to focus our project on a Pocket Planner. The Pocket Planner is exclusively for UO students and serves as a digital planner that connects them with their Canvas and Facebook user accounts. This allows them to efficiently organize their daily lives. Students often have a difficult time managing time with their personal lives and schoolwork. The Pocket Planner helps students manage their time by allowing them to designate specific hours of their day for assignments, classes, and making sure there is enough time for other activities. It also alerts students about relevant events taking place on campus based on each student's personal preferences. Additionally, freshmen are not always aware about the resources available to them on campus. the Pocket Planner Additionally, it ensures that students have sufficient time to get from point A to point B by using a step counter that calculates the distance, time, and the student's speed.


Our user personas include Skye Whitney from Portland, Oregon, Yamgoon Cheung (Rose) from China, and Chet Johnson, from Long Beach, California. When choosing our characters we looked at what we believed were 3 strong UO demographics and elaborated on their character likes, dislikes, goals, concerns and frustrations.


Our ideation process looks like the web chart below. We brainstormed what features we wanted in the app from there decided on the specifics for each one. We wanted an app that would help students stay organized. They can plan there day productively and stay on task with assignments and classes. We also wanted to include a map feature to help students travel to local places and get new suggestions, but with a estimated time feature to help them navigate and stay within their available time. It is also important that the app has a customization and setup feature to personalize the app to each persons likes and needs best. This is also important for our alarm feature because the alarm is personalized to track each person's sleep and play their desired music or tone. But there is also a alarm to remind students of their upcoming assignments and deadlines. The reminders and deadlines could be found on the calendar feature and they user's dashboard as well.


The scenarios are for each of our personas. They include a detailed example of each personas day and how we believe the app can be incorporated into it. Each persona would use the app throughout the entire day from start to finish and use it for alarms, assignments, events etc.

Chet -

9:00 am:

Chet has a late night, doesn’t remember he has classes but his app wakes him up anyways and gets to class in time.

11:00 am:

Chet puts “social function” in his personal assistant app, but it rejects the task because it knows he needs four hours to complete his English paper.

3:00 pm:

Chet’s class gets done early, so he is left with an awkward time gap. His personal assistant suggests three nearby locations to get an afternoon coffee and study, and it reminds him that he has a paper due and wants to hang out with friends later.

8:00 pm:

Chet completes his English paper early. When he checks off the task, “drinkin’ with the buds” takes its place. He now has time for the task he attempted to input earlier.

11:00 pm:

Chet is too legit to quit when it comes to his late-night shenanigans, but his planner app keeps him in check and reminds him that he has class at 9:00 am.

Sky -

7:00 am: Sky’s personalized alarm goes off, where every minute the calming soothing sound gets louder so she can slowly wake up. She sets her alarm an hour and a half early allowing her to meditate for 45 minutes before she heads off to class.

8:00 am: A second alarms goes off advising Sky that if she should leave within the next 15 minutes in order to get to class on time based on her usual route.

8:10 am: Sky is able to head out 10 minutes early and her app suggests places to grab a snack or coffee on her way to class. She decides to stop at Starbucks and get a coffee quickly.

8:30 am: Sky barely arrives to class on time. Her professor tells her that there is a study group every Tuesday at 6pm at the EMU. She knows that the study group will be helpful in the future so she schedules it in.

9:50 am: Sky’s first class is over and she hurries to her next class.

10:00 am - 12:00 pm: Sky is in class. Once class is over she has her usual two hour break before her next class. In this break she is suggested to either go to a coffee shop nearby to start her paper, go hangout with her friends in the EMU, or go home to grab a snack. The app suggests she starts her paper so that she can attend the study group on Tuesday.

6:00 pm: Class is over for the day and Sky decides to come home.

8:30 pm: Sky is relaxing at home when she gets a notification that Falling Sky in the EMU has comedy night starting at 9. So she texts her friends, grabs her stuff and heads out the door to have some fun!

11:00pm: Sky gets a reminder that she should probably head home if she needs to be up at 7am tomorrow morning.

Yamgoon (Rose) -

8:00 am: It’s the first day of school and Rose stayed up late last night using Skype to talk to her friends and family in China. She got caught up in the conversations and lost track of time. The app wakes her up despite her not wanting to get up.

8:10 am: Rose opens the app and checks the dashboard. She sees the date, time, and weather. She notices that the weather is in fahrenheit and she doesn’t understand how cold it is. She changes the weather settings to celcius. Much better - still cold.

8:30 am: The app reminds her that she has class in 30 minutes and she checks-off the reminder. Rose rushes out the door to walk to class.

8:35 am: Rose realizes that she doesn't know the campus as well as she thought she did. She opens the app to look for directions.

8:45 am: Rose makes it to her class on time after looking at the map.

12:00 pm: Rose only has one class today so the app suggests that she try and get involved on campus more. Rose browses through the resources section and types in “international student.” The app suggests that she check out the Mills International Center on campus.

2:00 pm: Rose is happy that she did something new on campus. She made some friends and feels like she’s getting used to American culture. However, she still misses the comforts of home. She opens the app and searches ‘chinese food’ on the map. She’s surprised to see that there are several bubble tea places in Eugene. She makes her way to Rabbit Hole.

2:10 pm: Rose realizes she ran out of American currency and is still waiting for her credit card to come in. She searches for the nearest ATM on the map and sees that there is one in front of the DuckStore.

2:13 pm: Rose reaches the ATM. She’s not exactly confident in what it says so she uses the app to translate some keywords. Rose successfully makes a withdrawl.

2:21pm: Rose reaches Rabbit Hole and is pleasantly surprised by how authentic the tea is. She decides to list the location as a “favorite” in the app.

4:00pm: Rose has completed her homework and finished her bubble tea. So she decides to head home.

6:30 pm: After some relaxing and catching up on her favorite tv show, she decides to check out some activities she can do on the app tonight for international students. It turns out there is a friendship foundation meeting for international students at 7:00 pm. She makes sure to mark “attending” so her app can reminder of future events.

9:00 pm: Rose is exhausted from socializing for two hours so she decides to head home and go to bed. Rose goes to set her alarm for the morning but remembers the app already did it for her. Rose is so happy that she met so many people today and she can’t help but go to bed smiling now that she feels like she has a place she can belong at the UO.


final prototype


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