Everlyne's Group

A loan of $625 to buy seeds and fertilizer for the farm, and to also get cost efficient solar lights for the town and the farm.

The location of Everlyne's group is in Webuye, Kenya. Kenya is located in east Africa and has natural resources like gemstones, limestone and salt. Kenya lies between Somalia and Tanzania with perfect places to farm.

With this small loan, everyone can join in, every penny counts towards your donation.

This group will use the profits of the donations to give their children a chance to education
Giving the children a chance to a better job from getting a better education.

While also giving light to the farm and to the people

Seeds and Fertilizer to grow a farm. The location of Kenya is especially good for farming. Farming is hard physical work and these people need as much help as they can get.

Global goal number 15 comes into hand because since they are managing the farms with fertilizer and seeds, it falls into the category of life on land.

Solar lights to bring light to farm but also to the people. Kenya is tropical and very sunny so it's perfect for solar lights, and when the night comes, they are ready to light up the town.

The global goal for this cause is #7, affordable and clean energy where they are bringing solar lights which are powered by the sun.

Using the profit, to give the children an education. Only 78 percent of people 15 and over can read and write in Kenya.

This mother of six children is hoping to use her profits to send her children to school, that way the kids have a chance to be educated and hopefully have a better life.

Compared to the U.S. where 99.2 percent of people can read and write.

The P of Place

Place is the most relevant to our topic because it shows why this place deserves the donation. Since it is a great place for farming, while also being very tropical and sunny, you can support solar lights too. Donating to this group is a 3 in 1 combo where you are helping the farm and the people. Why not donate, in Kenya, a little goes a long way. The money is going in a good place, while the profits are given to education.

In Kenya, there are around 47 million people and we need to help them as much as we can especially while they are under poverty. Having solar light, giving to help the farms and an opportunity for education is something everyone can do by just giving in as little as 5 dollars. Every penny counts to help all of these people in need.

Give a Helping Hand


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