Rothley Church of England Academy Newsletter November 2019

Welcome to Rothley's November newsletter. Please read on to find out what we have been doing over the month of November and what we will be looking forward to in December. October's newsletter had a massive 800 views!

This will be the final full newsletter of 2019. There will be a shorter newsletter released on the last day of term, and then the January newsletter will be released in the new year.

Message from

Mr Richards

What a busy and eventful November we have had here at Rothley! You name it - we have probably done it this month or will be doing it before the term is out!

The year 5 children have been on their annual residential trip to Sheringham and participated in everything from the high ropes, the climbing wall to the super swing. The children, as always, were amazingly well-behaved and loved every minute of their experience. Thank you to Mr Dooley, Mr Phillips, Mr Bray, Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Warner for taking the children for 3 nights and 4 days.

Children In Need was a huge success and in total we raised over £700 with the themed non-uniform day and the cake sale. Thank you all for your tremendous generosity, both in donations of money and cakes.

Team Rothley have been extremely busy in their sporting ventures over the past month. The PE and Sport newsletter will be released before Christmas, showcasing all our sporting achievements this Autumn term. One thing I will mention is our crucial 3rd round Rice Bowl match on Monday 9th against Thistley Meadow. Winning that match would see Team Rothley progress to the quarter finals of the tournament. We wish the team luck do Monday’s game.

The younger children have been busy with the rehearsals of their Christmas performances. The year 2 and 1 performances will be next week on Monday and Tuesday (9th and 10th) at 1:45pm at Rothley Church. Foundation stage will be next Thursday (12th) again at Rothley Church in the morning at 9am. It is also Christmas dinner day and Christmas Jolly jumper on the 13th too. All the school diary dates have been updated and attached to the bottom of the newsletter.

Please read on to find our all about what we have been doing in the month of November - as you will see - it has been a jam-packed month.

There will be a special limited edition Christmas newsletter which will be released and sent out on the last day of term.

Thank you for your continued support of our school.

Mr Richards


On Tuesday 12th November, the year 5 children, with 5 members of staff in toe, set off on the much anticipated adventure to Hilltop. Four days away in the beautiful county of Norfolk. Lots of excited children arrived at school, but the early start proved to be a bit tiring for some…

Over the course of the week, the children were split into three groups and did a number of amazing outdoor activities.

There were a range of activities complete, one including a 30 foot drop a tower. After a few attempts, and a little persuasion, the majority of the children plucked up the courage to go down. The children were fantastic at supporting one another!

‘The journey’ activity then gave the children the chance to walk through the forest and to the beach at Sherringham, before going to a local Sweet Shop. We experienced having marshmallows around a Camp Fire. A hit with most the children and the Young Voices and the School Choir sang the night away

Towards the end of the trip, the weather was horrendous - lots of rain and wind, but that didn’t stop the children from wanting to get stuck into the activities . Vertical climb, Super Swing and Treetop were the highlights, as the challenges kept coming, thick and fast, but the children showed tremendous amount of resilience and determination and never gave up, really making all adults feel incredibly proud of each one of them.

We travelled back to school on the Friday, exhausted and ready for a good sleep. With lots of exciting moments and new friendships formed, a highlight of our year so far.

From the Hilltop Team: Mr Bray, Mr Dooley, Mr Phillips, Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Warner.

Rothley Light Switch-on

Last Thursday evening it was the annual Rothley Lights Switch on!

It was fantastic to see so many children (and parents!) who had come to take part and watch as we sang our Christmas songs.

The weather was so miserable, cold and rainy, but the children who sang on the trailer did an amazing job, and they should be very proud of how they represented the school.

They certainly lifted everyone's spirits with their wonderful singing.

We even got treated to a fireworks display in the rain as the lights were turned on!

Christian Values

Mr Mclugash finished the Wisdom Christian value this month. The children who received the stars were:

Foundation Stage: Harry W, Olivia H, Yashvi C, James G, Alfie J and Minnie P-D.

Year 1: Sia-Lily P, Henry Ba, Rayan P and Sophie B

Year 2: Ronnie P, Phoebe M, Stanley B and Sofia H.

Year 3: Elliot P, George J, Austin C and Joel M.

Year 4: Henry H, Libby T, Oliver M and Bella G

Year 5: Ethan F, Esther P-M, Lucas C and Cooper A

Year 6: Ruby G, Toby S, Luke G and Holly S

Well done to all the children in the whole school who have shown Wisdom over the last 6 weeks.

And another huge well done to Mr Phillip's class who performed their class collective worship assembly at the church this month on the value of Wisdom.

Also, Mrs Walton's class performed their class assembly at Rothley Church this month on the value of perseverance,

Well done to both classes and thank you to all the parents, family members and community who turned up to enjoy the children leading collective worship.

Mrs Barber has already started the next Christian Value of Compassion. Stars will be given out on the 27th November.

Rothley Parents' Liaison Forum

Thank you so much for the parents that have taken the time to fill in this term's survey.

The survey will remain open over the weekend and will close at 3pm on Monday 9th December.

Mr McLugash will then look at all the feedback from the responses and let you know the outcomes.

The next forum will be open at the end of the Autumn term and will be about homework.

Year 3 Earthquake Talk

The children in Year 3 heard a fantastic talk from Mr Diyar this week, who told them about his work with 'International Earthquake Rescue Missions'.

The children have just finished their Geography topic on 'Why do some earthquakes cause more damage than others?' and had the opportunity to share what they knew and ask questions to someone who had experienced the aftermath of earthquakes first hand.

They learnt about different earthquakes and how aid was given to the people affected. It was an incredibly interesting discussion, which the children found fascinating!

Thank you Mr Diyar for giving up your time to talk to us!

Anti-Bullying Week 2019

The school participated in anti-bullying week this month. The children had a whole school assembly led by Mr Richards on the theme of the week, which was: "Change Starts With Us". The children also enjoyed an odd sock day on the 12th December to celebrate differences and being unique.

Ask your child about 'The Pig of Happiness'

The class teachers then led an in-class anti-bullying assembly focusing on what bullying us and how we stand up to it and prevent it in this school

The children then did numerous activities throughout the week and we produced a fabulous display of all our work.

Well done to all the children who really engaged in the week and now know that 'Change Starts With Us' and those little smiles, comments, compliments and conversations can make all the difference to everyone!

Move it Boom - The Final Countdown!

The countdown to the conclusion of 2019's Move it Boom physical activity competition is well and truly on.

With the competition ending on December 20th, there is still all to play for, as a strong push to the finish could see our school climb up the leaderboard.

With just two weeks to go, a final Move it Boom push could see our school move up the leaderboard and be in with a chance of winning one of the fantastic prizes on offer.

Remember you can keep track of the leaderboard through the link below and you can find our school's position in the leaderboard by logging into any account linked to our school and navigating to the leaderboard page, where our school's position will show below the top ten.

Here are some of the wonderful prizes on offer!

Come on Rothley - one final push!

PTFA Disco

The PTFA would like to thank all of the parents and carers who brought their children to the disco in October. A special thank you to all those that helped and stayed to look after the children. We raised an amazing £520!!

We are always looking for new helpers. We will have a meeting in the New Year so please come along if you would like to be involved.

In addition to the disco, the PTFA ran a jolly jumper sale this week and raised another £90. So thank you again for donating and buying! And a huge thank you to the hard work of the PTFA in supporting the school.

Toast Tuesdays has been a huge success yet again over the past 5 weeks!

The children have enjoyed ordering their slices in the morning and eating them at break.

There is only one week left of Toast Tuesday for years 1, 2, and 3. We are on track to raise over £150, which will all go on playground equipment for the children to play with at dinner.

Dates for each year group

Children in Need

What a fantastic day we had on the 15th November!

The children dressed up as what they wanted to be when they grew up and we had everything from police, fire service, teachers, footballers, dancers and many many more!

Lovella the teacher!

The children had the opportunity to buy delicious cakes at break-time, which were donated and/or baked very kindly by the parents and family members.

Oliver the policeman

In total we raised...


This is amazing and thank you very much your generosity and kindness.

Dogs Trust

In addition to Children in Need, some children in year 4, Miss Asquith class, ran a fundraising cake sale and raffle to raise money for the Dog's Trust. The boys raised a huge total of £130!

Well done Oscar C, George C and Morris M.

The boys then went to the Dogs Trust in Loughborough with their cheque for £130 from the cake sale and raffle. They got to meet a dog called Arthur!

Well done boys!

Sports Hall Athletics

On Tuesday 5th November, some of our Year 6 completing in a Sports Hall Athletics tournament at Wreake Valley.

The event was a mixture of track and field events including: Javelin, speed bounce, chest push, relay races and more.

Throughout the event we knew we were doing well and were expecting a top 3 finish. However, the Year 6’s absolutely smashed it and won the whole thing! Meaning they will be invited back in January to compete at The County Finals on Friday 10th January at Uppingham School Sports Centre!

Well done team Rothley!

Foundation Stage

Wow! We cannot believe how fast this term is whizzing by!

The children have continued to have a great half term. Our Autumn activities were a massive success, the children have continued to develop their observational skills. We moved from Percy the Parkeeper to an Autumn shop in the role play.

The children enjoyed investigating the fruit and vegetables and had great fun comparing how heavy and light they were.

The outdoor area has lots of practical activities, the children have been creating their own tracks for the cars, investigating which car will travel the furthest. They have been working together to build houses in the large bricks and have enjoyed using the water wall with different containers.

They have been working incredibly hard during phonics and Maths mastery and we are seeing results from this in their independent work.

We are now getting busy with our Christmas craft activities and are looking forward to sending these home at the end of the term.

It was lovely to see so many of you at our Phonics evening, we hope you found is useful. If you were unable to attend we will be putting the Powerpoint on Seesaw.

The Nativity is almost here and we are busy practicing the songs, a big thank you if you’re are also singing them at home, it really does help. We are looking forward to seeing you in church next week and hope you are able to join us back in school for refreshments and the raffle.

The Santa train was an amazing experience for all of the children, they thoroughly enjoyed having their picnic lunch on the train and seeing Santa was the icing on the cake! We are all proud of how well they all behaved throughout the whole trip.

Recipe of the month!

This is the second recipe of the month. We hope you enjoyed the fantastic soup that was in the last newsletter.

This month it is Mrs Barber's Banana Bread

click to enlarge
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A recipe card can be downloaded by clicking on the link below

Please send pictures of you cooking to the school so they can be shared on the next newsletter.

Collective Worship in November

Everyday the children gather for collective worship assemblies at Rothley.

This month Mrs Barrs and Mr Dooley has led the Monday assembly focusing on Remembrance. Stephen Baum came Monday 25th and told the children all about the local history related to remembrance and the war. All relating to the character education and the value of courage,

The children in year 5 and 6 went to the war memorial in the village for the 2 minute silence and service at 11am on Monday 11th November. All other year groups had a special assembly and 2 minute silence in school led by Mr Shaw.

Below is prayer shared at Stephen Baum's assembly.

On Tuesday's the children gather for a Picture News Collective Worship assembly, which is led by a teacher. This month's focus has been:

  • Whose responsibility is it for us to have clean air to breathe?
  • Should the Haka be allowed in sport?
  • Would you change how our country is run?
  • Can the lottery improve people's lives?

The children gather in the hall or studio for Foundation and Year 1 and a different teacher in the school leads a discussion around the above questions and look at the picture that accompany the question. Ending in a prayer.

We have just updated our Collective Worship section of the website to give people a clear and up-to-date look at what diet of the Collective Worship the children at Rothley participate in.

Below is a list of clubs at Lunch times the children can go to. These clubs will run until 20th December with the majority of them carrying on into the new year. An up-to-date club list will be on the January newsletter.

Foundation Stage Santa Train


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