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An infographic animation showing how much young votes matter in elections, voting for referendums and how they should get more involved into politics.

The infographic aims to be unbiased, objective and not cater to any political views. It is all about for individuals to do research on politics, how and which reforms will change their future and most importantly who to vote.

It is an issue that young adults don’t vote. (Gross, “Dissecting the Youth Vote.”) I would like to encourage people to get interested in politics, get notified by current events, do research on news reports that make big claims and consequently vote smart.

The reading that has been done for this project is listed below and I recommend for anyone interested to read through it.

The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker, Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser, Media Unlimited by Todd Gitlin, Mass media politics and democracy by John Street, Media and Power by James Curran.

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Andraz Mohar

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