Just Falafs Maya Weidman

Restaurant Brief

Just Falafs is a small restaurant located at Bathurst and Queen Street West. It is strategically placed in an up and coming area around many office buildings, shops, and schools. Just Falafs is a Mediterranean restaurant that specializes in falafels. The falafels are both classic and innovative with traditional chickpea falafel balls, and add ins such as sun dried tomatoes or infused hummus. Some other food items you would find on the menu would be pasta salad and shawarma. The restaurant is not considered a fast food restaurant, though the service is quick. They are committed to using only fresh and organic ingredients, with the mission statement "No food leaves our kitchen that we ourselves would not eat."


Persona 1 - Research Based
Persona 2
Persona 3

Logo- Rough Work

10 Rough Thumbnails
3 Drafts
Comprehensive Drawing


Logo- photo
Street Sign


For this assignment I had to make a logo for a restaurant. My restaurant is called Just Falafs: Good Mood Food. When I researched the name I realized that this was a preexisting restaurant, however I wanted to take a very different approach with my design. While the preexisting restaurant used "Falafs" as light humor in attempt to sound like "for laughs", I decided to use the abbreviation as a method of appealing to a youthful crowd and creating a trendy and modern restaurant. I began to research falafels, and I realized that there are few modern and bright Toronto restaurants that have quick Mediterranean food. I decided that there was a gap in the market, and that Just Falafs: Good Mood Food would fill the gap.

I began to draw logos that had bulky font or playful designs, however realized that this did not fit with the concept I had in mind for my restaurant. My inspiration was a sleek and modern approach to fresh food, and many of my initial thumbnails did not follow my inspiration. When keeping this idea in mind, I thought of adding flowers to highlight the natural and fresh food, however a flower seemed quite arbitrary. I thought about how to incorporate nature into my logo, and I thought of a simple leaf. Leaves are present in almost all elements of nature, and the design is easily recognizable.

Once I decided on my design, I faced the hardest part of this assignment. I could not decide on a font to use. With such a simple design, font is a focal point and is an integral element of my piece. I liked the font I had found, however I found that the serifs were too large. I solved this problem by manipulating the width of the font and adding a colored border. A second problem that I faced was making the leaf. Rather than drawing half and mirroring it, I decided to free draw the whole image. I wanted it to look smooth however personable, so I found that drawing it and cleaning up the edges perfectly married these two ideas.

The coolest part of creating this piece was choosing the color. I knew that I wanted to use a neutral dark grey, however couldn't find the perfect page. When blankly staring at my document, I realized that the answer was right in front of me. I used the background color of adobe illustrator. This was cool as it taught me that sometimes when designing a piece, simplicity is key.

This skill will be very useful to me in the future. Though it is not a technical skill, this concept will make beginning new pieces much less intimidating. Knowing that simple is often best will allow me to feel confident in exploring plenty of new design concepts.

My final piece is a simple leaf with smooth curved lines, on top of the name of the restaurant written in varying fonts. The design is white on a grey background. Ultimately, I feel that I did achieve my goal of creating a modern and sleek looking design.


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