August 5, 2020 5th Edition

Check out our ministry updates, upcoming events, daily Bible readings and more below. Please make sure to watch for Wednesday Night Activities coming up in September! ūüėČ

Join us for our Blessing of the Backpacks services this Sunday, August 9! Backpacks will be given out that day. We will pray over all our students, teachers and school staff. This will take place during both the 9:30 and 11:00 services at the West Campus Activity Center. Join us as we bless our community with prayer and school supply needs!!

What is Baptism?

It has been over six months since our last baptism service. Shawnee Alliance has been blessed to welcome many new believers into the faith throughout 2020. There is nothing more exciting for our church than continuing the tradition of faith that has resulted in over 1,000 individuals accepting Christ in our church’s history.

Baptism is an opportunity to publicly express our faith. For believers who are new to the faith it is an opportunity to make a sacred statement. When the believer enters the water, it symbolizes their death to sin. As the believer emerges from the water they are declaring that they now live for Christ. For many in our church, faith has become real in the past several months. Learning to live out our faith is an ongoing process and for many the Holy Spirit will prompt that the next step is to declare their faith through baptism.

Baptism at Martin's Pond 8/9/2020

We will hold a special baptism service at the Martin’s Pond, 20091 Town Line Rd, Wapakoneta on August 9th from 3-5 PM. For those who will feel the prompting to be baptized in the coming days, I pray you will abide in the Spirit and follow through with this sacred act! You can indicate your interest by registering in the upcoming events section on our website or through the church center app. We will also have time available for spontaneous baptisms if you are led to be baptized that afternoon. For those who have already demonstrated their obedience to Christ in baptism, I encourage you to attend so that you can be a blessing and encouragement to others during this important moment of faith! Following the baptism, we will have a time for swimming and fishing for those that are interested.

Do you have still have questions on baptism? Please reach out to one of the pastors, as we would be glad to talk to you!


Pastor Kris

Baptism at Martin's Pond: Testimonials

Myndi Mayer: "I had been baptized as a child, but like many people, I did not have a full understanding of what that meant. I was now at a point in my life that I was understanding my life transformation. I wanted to publicly declare and show my children that I am not the same person that I was before. Many people at Shawnee Alliance have encouraged me in my spiritual journey and celebrating this through baptism was my outward thanks of what Christ has accomplished in me."

Asher Hays (age 7): "I thought it was fun to be baptized because there were a bunch of people. I went under the water and back up to show everyone that I'm a Christian!"

Eli Hays (age 11): "At first I was worried about how many people were there, but it was okay because I was showing people that I believe in God. It felt good to show others that I believe in Jesus. The water was a little cold though!"

Join Shawnee Alliance as we bless our communities and schools by participating in our prayer walk.

Circling our Schools in Prayer - Week of August 22-29

Prayer walking. . . . what is it all about? Simply put, prayer walking is praying on-site with insight. Why can't we just stay here, in our space, where it is comfortable and pray for our schools? Well, first of all, we should go to the very places that we expect God to bring forth His answers. It's not just about walking or moving around; it is more about being present in the space and asking God's blessing, provisions, and guidance for our community schools this coming year.

Pick a convenient time during the week of August 22-29 and take along a friend or family member to pray on-site with insight over a school! For more information, please contact Denise at denisellen1@gmail.com.

Pastor Daniel Messner's Retirement Open House

Please join us as we thank Pastor Daniel for his 25 years of ministry at Shawnee Alliance and celebrate his retirement! On Sunday, August 16 from 2-4 pm, there will be an Open House in the Activity Center Lobby to honor Pastor Daniel and his wife, Lois.

Shawnee Alliance Church

Building a community of faith......Leading people to become fully transformed followers of Jesus Christ.

New to SAC?

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How To Connect With Us

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Survey Results: Favorite Ways to Worship

"Come, let us bow down in worship. Let us get down on our knees before the Lord Who made us. For He is our God. And we are the people of His field, and the sheep of His hand." Psalm 95:6-7

Thank you to all of you who participated in our worship survey last month! Check out the chart to see the results on how you connect and worship God!

Boy Scout Troop 777 at Shawnee Alliance

"Scout Troop 777 was officially created on July 12, 2012 and hosted by Shawnee Alliance Church as the unit’s Chartered Organization. The troop began its 9th year in July 2020. Troop 777 has grown by over four times its original membership since 2015 and currently has 35 Youth Scouts and 20 Adult Leaders, including our new Chartered Organization Executive, Pastor Kris Browning.

Scouts in Troop 777 accomplish well above National levels (>28%) and even our own Council (>36%) levels in both rank advancements (94% in 2019), Merit Badges (84% in 2019), and personal awards (72% in 2019). These stats are unmatched in Northwest Ohio! Scouting teaches many things that are not learned at home or in a classroom. Scouting teaches leadership, honor, comradery, skills in many various activities and situations, instills values, and above all, teaches young boys and girls to become better citizens in almost all aspects of life for themselves, their families, their communities, and their country.

Troop 777 has seen 14 young men earn the rank of Eagle Scout over the last 6 years, with another 4-5 more closing in on finishing Scouting’s highest rank of Eagle Scout in the near future.

Four Eagle Projects out of 14 have been completed for Shawnee Alliance Church, and the church’s 5th project is nearing completion.

Current Eagle Projects under way:

Brian Manuel is building a 2-vehicle carport for both of the church vans at the south end of the Activity Center. This will help protect them better, and hopefully save the church money on expensive repairs by not always having the vans exposed to seasonal weather.

Colson Kennedy is in the beginning stages of making an accessible outdoor classroom for teachers at Elmwood School, just behind the playground at the wooded trail entrance. This project will allow teachers to get kids outside more, explore more teaching avenues in learning, and give more learning opportunities for everyone!

Zach Kurland is building a series of benches for the SPCA (Cat Shelter) on Elida Road. The purpose is to add more multiple seating arrangements for potential families to get to know their potential adopted cats better before taking them home, and to give these cats something else to add to their surroundings until adoption can happen.

The future is bright for Troop 777! Why? Because of the youth that enjoy Scouting activities, the advancements, the large group of adult leaders, financial stability, and of course, the generosity of Shawnee Alliance Church allowing Scouting to be a part of or extension of itself and our ministry to youth."

-Scoutmaster Kevin Brogee

Student Poll:

Hey Shawnee Alliance Senior High students! Take our poll on your experience with online schooling. Check out our survey question below!

Youth Ministry Updates

Student Ministry -- Together Again

Student ministry is back up and running and going strong once again! As a reminder, students in grades 5-8 meet on Sunday mornings at 11am on the East Campus in the Hopeshakers room (room D). Grades 9-12 meet on Sunday evenings from 6-8pm, also in the Hopeshakers room.

To stay up to date on anything that has to do with our student ministries, please make sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages linked below!

If you have any questions email Pastor Josh at josh@shawneealliance.com

Blessing of the Backpacks - August 9th

Baptism at Martin's Pond (20091 Town Line Road, Wapak) - August 9th, 3-5PM

Keenager Birthday Luncheon - August ll, 11:30AM in the East Campus

Daniel Messner's Retirement Celebration - August 16, 2-4PM

School Prayer Walk Week - August 22-29th

Share Your Faith - September 2, 6:30PM

Wednesday Activity Night - begins September 9, 6:30PM

Center Shot - begins September 14, 5PM & 6:15PM

Ways To Give

Thank you for being generous stewards to Shawnee Alliance Church! We are grateful for your support that allows our ministries to continue and grow. Connect cards and offerings can be dropped off as you exit the service on Sunday or by mailing to the church office. Other ways to give:

- Text the amount to 84321

- Shawnee Alliance website - Donate Tab

- Church Center App (found in your App Store)

"...Freely you have received; freely give." Matthew 10:8

The Presidential Prayer Team

A prayer tip for our nation: Would you like a free source to be informed about our president, cabinet, featured leaders for prayer and national news on a daily basis for the sole purpose of prayer?

Check out their website below!

This is a national non-denominational ministry, active since 2001, that exists to provide a consistent urging toward prayer for our president and leadership of the U.S.A. The team believes that prayer is an effective tool that can transform our nation and is a gift given to us by God. "I have been a member for almost 10 years and find it one of the best prayer tools out there for covering our nation." - Denise Darbyshire

Bible Reading Plan

The number one habit to bring transformation to your life is reading your Bible. You will get to know Jesus on a deeper level and learn wisdom for your everyday choices. You can find a free Bible in the Lobby. Take one today or download the YouVersion app on your phone. Use this simple SOAP format to guide your interaction with God's Word.

  • Scripture. Take your time reading each chapter and allow God to speak to you.
  • Observation. What do you see God doing in the Scripture? What is God saying to you?
  • Application. Ask yourself how you can apply this to your life right now.
  • Prayer. Communicate with God and ask Him to help you apply this to your life.

Try it out this week! Add a chapter from Proverbs every day to the below plan. (List is also posted every Sunday on social media.)

Friday, August 7 -- Psalm 68:1-3

Saturday, August 8 -- Acts 7:37-39

Sunday, August 9 -- Exodus chapters 21-24

Monday, August 10 -- Genesis 6:17-19

Tuesday, August 11 -- Genesis 9:1-17

Wednesday, August 12 -- Genesis 15:17-18

Thursday, August 13 -- Genesis 17:1-21

Friday, August 14 -- Exodus 2:23-25

Saturday, August 15 -- Exodus 19:4-6

Sunday, August 16 -- Exodus 25-30

Monday, August 17 -- Leviticus 6

Tuesday, August 18 -- Leviticus 7

Wednesday, August 19 -- Leviticus 9

Thursday, August 20 -- Leviticus 10

Friday, August 21 -- Leviticus 17

Saturday, August 22 -- Leviticus 22

Sunday, August 23 -- Exodus 31-32

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