Youthful, glowing skin is priceless. This UFO-exclusive 2-step mask treatment wraps your skin in the most precious elements on earth for complete renovation in only 3 minutes. Treat yourself to the powerful blend of caviar extract and 24 karat gold and discover a complexion that can stand the test of time.

Caviar Youth Renewal Mask is the ultimate infusion of youthful moisture, the Caviar Youth Renewal Mask pairs with UFO™ to turn back the clock in minutes. Featuring an ultra-smooth silicone disc, mask essence is gently delivered across the face with a powerful caviar formula that renews and revitalizes skin that looks and feels younger.

An Ancient Secret To A Firmer, Younger-Looking Complexion.

Every drop of this concentrated serum is infused with pure 24-karat gold. Skin is illuminated as if from within, and moisture is locked in for a youthful plump that lasts.

A Decadent Masking Experience Like No Other
  • Helps to revitalize and renew skin for a youthful transformation.
  • Nourishes skin with moisture for a softer, smoother complexion.
  • Instantly refines and unifies skin for a supple facial contour.
24K Gold Serum
  • Helps diminish signs of aging for younger-looking skin.
  • Hydrates and plumps skin for a radiant and refreshed appearance.
  • Enhances the skin’s natural renewal process for a silky-smooth complexion.
  • MAXIMUM DERMAL ABSORPTION Nonabsorbent silicone ensures 100% of mask essence is delivered to the skin.
  • DIFFUSIVE MICRO-CHANNELS Gradually distribute mask essence to optimize effectiveness.
  • SOFTER THAN EVER Premium silicone glides effortlessly across skin for the smoothest UFO experience possible.
  • ULTRA-HYGIENIC SILICONE Nonporous, bacteria-resistant and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
  • SUPER-SATURATED COTTON LINING Drenched in caviar mask essence for increased potency.

Our most sophisticated mask yet, this innovative design features next-generation mask material - premium, nonporous silicone - for maximum dermal absorption. As the ultra-soft disc glides across the skin, the mask essence encapsulated within is gradually diffused through expertly positioned micro-channels, for a perfectly even distribution around the face.