Native Americans By: Ryan leboon and warREn bell

Dawes Act: This Act was approved on February 8. The Act states that sections of Native American land will be divided to each person. For the head of the family, they would receive 1/4 of a section. For each person over 18 or anyone who was an orphan, they would receive 1/8 of a section. People under 18 would receive 1/16 of a section.

Culture: The teepee, totem pole, peace pipe, and moccasins are each symbols of integral pieces of native Americans’ culture. Native Americans use peyote/mescaline for medical uses such as toothaches, diseases, colds, blindness, etc.

Native American Boarding Schools: The first Native American boarding school was built in 1860. The main goal was to "Kill the Indian, save the Man." This means that they wanted to have all Native Americans believe what Americans believe.

Native Americans Today: Only the parents have to work and grandparents take care and raise the grandchildren. Many Natives don't even have a home to stay at. Many die of heart disease. Their doctors only meet 60% of health needs



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