Problem Statement

Our group has been tasked to build a drill powered go-kart. Our group has also been provided an 18V Drill, 1 sheet of 3/4 plywood, miscellaneous hardware, wood glue, and the availability of a shop-bot. We are given the option to Order additional materials with a 25$ budget .Outside materials are permitted Wheels(required),Drive chain, and gears. After completion of our go-kart it will compete and be evaluated on the following courses drag strip(eval on acceleration/top speed), road course(eval on handling/control), and super mileage(eval on endurance/efficiency).


This is what our group our Kart will be modeled after
(The brake system) As the driver pushes the pedal the spring extends and the pedal pushes the longer piece of wood back applying friction to the tire.
The string is wrapped around the cylinder then goes through the first eye hook to be wrapped through two more eye hooks parallel to each other allowing the pull of the string and driver to steer the two front wheels.
The rear tires consist of a metal rod that acts as an axle with bolts, screws, washers, and zip ties to hold all of it in place.
The drill is held in place by zip ties. The chuck of the drill applies friction to the tire since a metal rod connects both rear tires the chuck spins both of the back tires acting as the acceleration system.
(Example of function)
(Example of function)
Our group used this dimension sheet for 2x4s that we used on our Kart


This sketch shows the dimensions, and frame of our go kart.
This sketch shows the braking system for our kart.
This sketch shows the the acceleration system of our kart.( this is no longer used)
this is the initial and final sketch for our go kart
This is the sketch and measurements for the seat of our drive(measurements are custom to driver)
This is the planned frame of our go kart
This is the prototype of our Kart


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Nadir Dorman

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