Defense against other Worldviews By: Justin M. Huether: "Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power"

All images are from different religions. Religions can have different rituals, symbols, and traditions, but does everyone know the similarities and differences enough to defend his or her religion? Liberty students should be required to take defense against other worldviews, so students will be able to defend their religion by why they do what they believe, what should be done with what they believe, and what they all truly believe.
Teeter Totter of knowledge: Often times Christians only hear why Christianity is right. Christians never take time to study other worldviews in depth and learn what makes christianity different. This is why Christians will come across to others as bigots and ignorant. Christians should study other worldviews to balance their knowledge on religions. If a Christian sits on one side but never studies other religions, that Christian is never moving his seat toward knowledge. Christians should have well-balanced education on why and how to defend their faith to have a teeter totter at homeostasis. Christians must be able to push back when other religions oppose.

Greek Gods

Is polytheism strange? Today Greek Gods seem like such an obscurity, but during the rise of the Grecian Era, polytheism was one of the most popular religions. To people outside of Christianity, Christianity can seem very freakish, and for this reason Liberty students should have to take defense against world views to defend the secular world's peculiar questions for them.

Christian students should not be expected to just read the Holy Bible and be able to defend CHristianity. Liberty University Registrar office should require a defense against worldviews class so that students learn how to properly defend their faith. Making this a required class will benefit the Liberty student body by helping CHristians defend Christianity properly, though love and knowledge.


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