Suppression of Christians by Matthew Tiutin

Suppression of Christianity

Christianity has been a base religion for the United States and still is. But revolts and riots are at their doorstep, trying to change the fabrics of the Christian community and silencing them from sharing their beliefs openly.


Extremists are commonly grouped up as the average Christian which spreads bad publicity around the religion. Extremists do not abide the bible in which it says to love them despite their beliefs.

Love the Sinner

Today's society is changing for the worst. Society's principles are starting to go against the principles of Christians. Today, most people assume that if a certain person does not agree with my belief, he/she must hate me. Christians go against most of what the changing society of liberals and socialists want which create this problem of how "Christians hate everyone who does not believe in the same ideas as them." Christians are trying to go against that by keeping quiet with their beliefs which is ultimately suppressing the bible which tells them to tell and preach about their Christian beliefs.

They Rise, We Fall

Protests are holding up Islamic beliefs which is a huge disgrace to America as known for "The Land for the Free". Riots hold up Muslims, while Christians are silenced. Most Millennials that follow the crowds are clueless of what they are supporting. The Islamic scriptures are based of a 'Believe or die' system. Islamic beliefs are violent, it enslaves those who are forced to believe and kills anyone who rejects the belief. Yet despite the belief, clueless crowds join the train and support a religion that goes against the principle of the freedom of religion that America was based off of.


Christians are forced to be quiet and will continued to be silenced, as more and more young Millennials hop on the bandwagon. Christianity is the base religion of America for a reason, it was open to other religion as it never opposed others and set up a foundation of free will. Society is starting to shift, as politics seep into the foundation of Christianity, resulting in heavy cracks in the foundation of the United States. Time will tell whether it'll stop or continue.



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