Why Religion Should Be In Lynchburg City Schools By: Matthew Hunter

Promoting free religious expression is something that is not allowed or encouraged within the Lynchburg City School System.
The separation of religion and education creates emotional distress and academic confusion within students. This separation restricts both students and the school system from reaching their full potential.
Education and religion go hand in hand. In order to be religious you have to educated in the religion you claim. It is impossible to be religious without first being educated in your religion.
Lynchburg City Schools should create an academic environment of religious coexistence.
This atmosphere of religious coexistence will lead to unity between students, more academically engaged students, and healthier academics within the student and school system.
This atmosphere of religious coexistence will make students love learning, because learning now relates to them. The connection between education and religion will lead to better thinking skills within students.

This coexisting school environment will create a happy, healthy learning environment for all students.

Free religious expression should be allowed and promoted, through coexistence, in The Lynchburg City School System, because it only brings benefits to both the student and school system.


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