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Creating is one of my passions

I love the process of creating something new. For any artist, the focused concentration and movement involved in the process is almost a meditation. Being in the creative moment is peaceful and satisfying beyond words. For some creatives, like dancers, the process is one in which a feeling or emotion gets translated into movement. I create from the picture in my head, bringing it from conceptual to something tangible through the use of my hands and tools. A nearly unrelenting urge develops to get the vision out of my mind's eye and in front of my physical eyes. Once completed, there is that satisfaction of having created something new, something of intrinsic but deep value. Artists are often the only ones who understand the real importance of their work.

I believe that we will experience a new golden age of creativity in the decades to come. As more and more routine and mentally exhaustive tasks become automated and able to be processed rapidly by computers, millions of people will have their creativity set free. Minds that toiled over numbers and data will be able to explore and open up the creative centers of their brains. No machine will be able to conceive of art and then bring it to light; only people have that ability.

I hope you will enjoy looking at some of the things I've created. There is contact information below if you are interested in contacting me about any project you may have in mind.

Folk Art

Wood, clay and papier-mâché projects created throughout the years.

I've always found ways to express my creativity; however, I was busiest in the late eighties to well into the mid nineties. During this time, craft malls were popping up all over, and I began selling in these stores throughout Tidewater, Virginia. At one point, I even had space in a store in Pittsburgh. I got my start selling handmade Christmas ornaments, but once the holidays were over, I had to find other things to make. I'll always remember the owner of one of the largest stores saying how amazed he was by his vendors and how crafty they were. I rode the craft wave until the stores started disappearing and by then had established an online store selling handmade items, soy candles, coffee, and baking mixes.

Today I'm not making things as often but do find time to make elaborate Halloween costumes.

I’ve run five mile races in these.




For some time around the year 2000, I was busy painting. It began with a contract to paint murals at the local YMCA childcare center. Once I completed the project, I started to get offers to decorate children's rooms and homes with paintings. I hadn't painted a mural in a while until my church had me paint some in the children's education building. The pictures of the dunes are from this project.

Christmas Ornaments



Project Requests

At present I’m not actively selling any handmade items but I am open to discussing any creative commissions or projects.

You can, however, purchase items from my collection of digital art and photography at Dollar a Day Art. Click the button below to go to my page.

If you see something you like but it’s not in your budget let me know. All the digital art and photographs are available from me directly from other printing sources. I can also make frames for any print you see. If you purchase directly I will also sign the print and provide a certificate of authenticity.

Created by Jeremy Edsall

You can reach me by phone at: 757-337-5167 or email me at: Jeremy.edsall65@gmail.com


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