Macbeth & Banquo By: Angelica Ledesma Lara

Characteristics of Macbeth

1. Unloyal

2. Corrupt

3. Impatient

Characteristics of Banquo

1. Loyal

2. Honest

3. Patient

Spirit Animlas
Macbeth spirit animal is a snake.

Macbeths spirit animal is a snake because he is un-loyal, corrupt and impatient. He is un-loyal because he betrayed the king and kill him in his own sleep. Macbeth talks about killing the king in his own sleep. "This a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?" Macbeth sees a dagger in his hand before he goes and kills Duncan. Macbeth is corrupt because while in scene 3 Lines 78 - 83 he reminds one of the servant that it's Banquos fault that they're so poor. Macbeth is also very impatient because as soon as he noticed that Banquo was doubting him, he was already ready and fully committed to killing him.

Banquos spirit animal is a dog.

Banquos spirit animal is a dog because he's loyal, honest and patient. While Macbeth was thinking about killing the kind Banquo states that "So I lose none In seeking to augment it, but still keep My bosom franchis'd and allegiance clear, I shall be counsell'd" which he is basically saying how he will not betray the kings loyalty for his personal gain. Banquo is honest because he knows Macbeth did something unethical to get the position of the king (Line 3, Scene 3) Banquo was being honest with his feelings. When the witches told Banquo and Macbeth their faith, then it became true with Macbeth and the kind position and whenever Banquo found out he was calm and cautious. He wasn't going to rush anything for his sons to become kings.

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