Leroy Aleman: Genius Hour

Blog Post 1

For my Genius Hour Project this year, I have decided to focus on learning Tai Chi, a form of martial arts. Tai Chi is learned and taught for the health benefits, the difficult moves and the exercise, as well. There are also breathing exercises in before, during and after the moves, which helps blood flow and concentration to increase by a great amount. This topic is very important to me because I have always been interested in this taking on this leisure activity and succeeding in those many health benefits that it offers. They could help me relieve stress and become mentally and physically healthier. My goals are to learn enough Tai Chi to become open minded and become mentally powerful. These goals will carry on to help me over the summer when I have a lot of work and could be very stressed. I will measure my goals by how well and how easily I can perform movements and stances. The stances do not take long, but completing the moves will be more difficult as they take very much practice to perfect. By the end of this, I will become one of the many thousands of Tai Chi beginners.

Blog Post 2

In this first week of learning Tai Chi, I have learned an energy ball exercise, a breathing exercise, a standing exercise and hand circling exercise. These are all just the very first steps to learning Tai Chi. The exercises help with starting the moves and forms I will learn in the future. I have learned that I am a very slow learner when it comes to reading and incorporating pictures with its information.Another thing I have learned about myself is that I have pushed myself to read a piece of information very slowly and take in its full knowledge, so I can fully understand it. It may just be all of the stress that is overwhelming me right, but other than that I can easily catch up to where I need to be on my schedule. This week I used the first source, which is http://www.beginnerstaichi.com/tai-chi-exercises-for-beginners.html. This website taught me the exercises and it will also teach me most of the moves I will use throughout my teachings. From here, I will go on to teach myself more exercises and start on my first moves. I will continue to use the first source to build my knowledge and keep learning Tai Chi.

Blog Post 3

In the second week of my self teaching of Tai Chi, I have learned that concentrating on your breathing during a move or exercise vastly increases the quality of the move or warm up. I have also learned, and understood, that every move is unique and beneficial to you in its special ways. What I learned about myself has changed over this past week. I have learned that helping, communicating and getting involved with another person learning the same thing is a good thing. Visualizing how someone else is performing these exercises or moves can give you new or better information. The sources I used over this week http://www.energyarts.com/tai-chi-beginners-0 and http://www.beginnerstaichi.com/tai-chi-move-single-whip.html. Both of these sources gave me information about the moves, how to inherit the breathing into the moves more efficiently and how to move an energy ball around and concentrate it. I will go on to learn even more moves and practice on the energy ball. I will focus on the breathing majorly and after I mastered the breathing I will focus on Chi. Another thing I will work on is helping Dante and working with him more to see what we each have learned about this interesting topic.

Blog Post 4

In the third week of learning Tai Chi, I have learned that performing moves or exercises in different styles can have many more results than I thought. One example is the single whip move which varies by slight changes in either the hands, arms, head, legs or feet. I Have also learned how to start moves or exercises with different stances as well. Though I am only a beginner and use the neutral position stance, Tai Chi Masters often use every stance that they can when practicing Tai Chi. This week I have learned that I not only can use these different styles and easily maneuver my way through them, but I can use the standing positions and connect them altogether. For this weeks research, I used all three sources I previously used plus one more source that briefly goes over the first 5 sets for beginners in Tai Chi. The source gave me information on how to easily learn the stances and why they are named that way. From here, I will go further into my practicing of Tai Chi by learning how to master my energy ball and use learn as many advanced moves as I can. Not to forget, I will continue to read and learn why Tai Chi is so important and its origin.

Blog post 5

In the fourth and last week of learning Tai Chi, I have learned more about the importance of Tai Chi, its origin and why the moves and exercises can benefit your life in so many positive ways. I have also learned that it takes much longer to learn how to master an energy ball. This last week, I have learned that Tai Chi is an activity that helps me relax and takes my mind off of many things. With the help of the breathing exercises and the silence of my surroundings, it calms my body and gives me temporary physical and mental rest. The sources I used this week were all of the three sources and also the extra source I researched a few weeks back. All of these sources had information in common and some very distinct differences, such as different moves, which stances to use and what ways are there to focus all of your energy into a ball. From here, I think I will continue to learn Tai Chi and teach myself many other moves that I have not learned yet. Though I will take a little break, I believe that Tai Chi has helped me a lot and will continue to help me become a better person physically and mentally.

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