Sports Agents by: Harrison Curley

Whats a sports agent?

First, a sports agent is one of the harder jobs and the world. you need to be very smart and know a lot about sports. A sports agent job is to find a college player that is very good and try to but him on the team that will give him the best contract deal. for example if a sports agent took the quarterback from Clemson and the patriots said we will pay him 8 million once a year and he said yes, he would be on the team. that is only one player so you could do that for 4-5 players.


next, you have to pick what college you want to go to. what skills do you need to become a sports agent? Math skills are great to learn before becoming a sports agent. you have to read players stats and you have to find whats the best contract which deals with money and numbers. also your length of education is 9 years to become a sports agent. If you want to become a sports agent you have to have a licenses.

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