Put a Ring on it Valya krumbach

Spring can be a busy time of year filled with excitement about the end of school, the color coming back to nature, and engagements. Engagements are each as unique and different as the rings themselves. Teachers from Mercy High School share their engagement stories that will have you both tearing up and perhaps letting out a few giggles.

Mr. Tschudin took his girlfriend to the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln in April of 2015 where they enjoyed a bike ride. He says his cousin, who is a photographer, recorded the whole moment as well as snaped some photos.

Mrs. Harre got engaged in August of 1978 in Nebraska City. They had spent the day at John Brown's Cave where he decided to propose to her. She says they visit the Cave every year to celebrate their anniversary.

Mrs. Coyle did not receive a ring when she got engaged. It was September of her senior year at college when she got asked the question. Since neither of them had a job, they decided to keep it a secret. In June she started a teaching job and he got a position at Mutual of Omaha. The night before Thanksgiving he properly proposed and gave her a ring.

Coyle says "We have the same sense of humor. Now that I've heard some of Tim's jokes and puns multiple times, they're not that funny anymore!"

Mrs. Klein was asked to go out onto the Missouri River by her boyfriend Tim in April of 1998. He had wanted her to see some things he had done over winter. She says it was extremely cold and so she was bundled in sweats and hats etc. When they got farther up the river, he stopped the boat and said he had to "check on something". He came up holding a dozen roses, champagne, and the ring. This followed with taking a few "old-time selfies". Tim had driven up to Iowa the previous day to ask Klein's mother for her permission. Some advice she gives about relationships is "Drop anyone who makes you feel less-than. Less than him, less than some other girl or less than you know you can be."
June 12, 2015 was not only Mrs. Burkey's half birthday, but also the day she would be asked the question. She had just gotten out of class and headed over to Mr. Burkey's apartment where they were meeting before dinner. When she arrived, he made her close his eyes and turn around saying he had a half birthday gift. When she opened her eyes though, he was kneeling on the ground with a ring. She says the excitement of the moment overtook her words so before saying yes she just kept nodding.
It was a regular school day for Ms. Regele until she returned to her classroom after a lunch break to roses on her desk along with a note from her boyfriend telling her to meet him downtown later that night. She says she knew at that moment she was getting engaged, which made her a nervous reck for the rest of the day. Later that night she met Max downtown where he proposed to her using his great-grandmothers ring. He then told her they had reservations at a restaurant where their friends and family had been waiting the whole time.
Mrs. Miller was not in the happiest of mood the day she got engaged. It was March 17 of 2012 and her boyfriend had taken her on a hiking trip in Utah on a not-so-safe trail. Glad to have reached the top, they sat on a rock and looked out at the scenery. He then pulled out his phone to show her a video he had made showing her how much he loved her. At the end of the video he turned to her and asked her to be his wife. Due to the rough ground, he thought it best to not get on one knee. After he popped the question, he pulled out a champagne bottle from his backpack which they enjoyed along with ravioli once they got back to their cars. Some advice she gives for dating is "Be your complete self. Don't change parts of yourself to be liked/loved by a person."
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