Hurt by Johnny Cash Analyzed by Morgan Russell

Hurt was originally recorded by "Nine Inch Nails", Johnny Cash did a cover changing only a few lyrics and putting a video to it which told his story and moved many to tears.

The video was purposed to show the shortness of life and the gracelessness of death.

Concluding one of the most successful and meaningful careers in music history, Cash recorded this video at the age of 71 with his and his wife's health in decline

I hurt myself today -- To see if I still feel -- I focus on the pain -- The only thing that's real -- The needle tears a hole -- The old familiar sting -- Try to kill it all away

Cash is experiencing the feeling of numbness. When feeling emotionless or numb, some people will commit self-harm in order to feel something, even if it is pain.

What have I become? -- My sweetest friend

Cash has given his life to fame and he fear he is not who he should be

Everyone I know goes away -- In the end

He is speaking of his deceased wife

And you can have it all -- My empire of dirt

All he has done is for nothing

I will let you down -- I will make you hurt

He is saying nothing he does will be good enough, and being around him will just cause pain

I wear this crown of thorns -- Along my liars chair -- Full of broken hearts -- I cannot repair

He tried to justify himself with hurtful lies that he cannot take back

Beneath the stains of time -- The feelings disappear -- You are someone else -- I am still right here

Feeling only exist while the people do, when their time is up the feelings go away.

If I could start again -- A million miles away -- I would keep myself -- I would find a way

In this line he tells us he would not have let the fame change him if he had another chance.

Johnny Cash died 7 months after making the video for this song

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