Worsbrough Common Primary February Newsletter

Monthly roundup

As February draws to a close it is important to reflect on how much we have achieved in the first 2 months of 2021! On New Year's Eve, no one could have known what we heading towards but as always we have done it and we have done it together. Has it been easy for everyone? No. But we have stuck together and we have helped each other. It is quite hard to believe that only this time last year we were beginning to hear about the early impact of a virus that would change all of our lives.

This term has seen us celebrate 25 years of Mrs Haigh and also saw us wave goodbye to Mrs Harris after she retired after 24 years at WCPS! It saw us claim victory at our 3rd TTRS event, celebrate silent discos and our very first WCPS big fat family quiz! A half term of memories!

We are currently planning for the safe return to school to more pupils on the 8th March, as announced this week! Until then we will continue to focus on providing a high quality education through our remote learning offer. We will communicate our plans for the safe return of pupils as soon as we can!

Over the last 2 months there will have been times when you have had to choose between being a parent, worker or teacher; we urge you to choose wellbeing and connection. We know and understand how difficult it has been to keep children engaged in remote education, we have high expectations because we know that under normal circumstances they can meet these expectations. Under the current circumstances, it is ok to change your expectations. If children are struggling, include more breaks, fresh air, share a book or encourage them to talk! We take brain breaks in school and these are needed at home too, they are important for wellbeing and children's ability to focus.

Thank you to everyone who has filled in our parent's questionnaire, your feedback was incredibly positive and helpful for us to reflect on our offer. We have taken on board some of your suggestions and comments. Please continue to use our weekly coffee morning sessions to keep us up to date with your comments and ideas.

Our staff are doing an incredible job of managing remote education for children at home, provision for children in school, providing feedback and maintaining contact with children and parents. I'm sure you will agree that they are an amazing team who continue to focus on what is best for the children, providing a range of experiences and a quality education. Thank you for continuing to trust us and for engaging so well with our remote learning offer - you really are a resilient and supportive community!

WCPS is here for you and try to support children, parents and families as much as we can. Please get in touch if you are struggling, need reassurance or support.

February also saw the installation of our very own outdoor art gallery! If anyone wants to create anything artistic for it please speak to Mrs Philburn!

Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week took place 1-7th February. This year the theme was Express Yourself.

It’s important to know that being able to express yourself is not about being the best at something or putting on a performance for others. It is about finding a way to show who you are and how you see the world, that can help you feel good about yourself.

Every year we take part in Children's Mental Health week. However, this year more than ever it was vital for us to highlight the importance even more. We know some of our children are enjoying remote learning, while others have struggled to adapt to learning at home, new routines and not seeing their friends/family but it is important to us as a school to ensure all of our children have the support they need to become confident, independent individuals who have the skills and are ready for lifelong learning.

Across school, throughout the week there were: assemblies, silent disco's, a whole school dance project, which really showed just what music can do for the mind, a Dress to Express day along with lessons and afternoons filled with activities all focused around children's mental health.

Our Mental Health School Video!

The silent disco was a massive hit!
Amazing learning happened on Seesaw and in school.
Throughout the week the children grew in confidence and we loved watching them express theirselves in different ways.
It is important to remember this week raised people's awareness of the importance of positive mental health. This is important all the time not just one week a year!

Guides for self care

Times-tableS Rockstar HCAT Event


Our Taskmaster Day was a huge success! It was incredible to see so many children and families getting involved. The day centred around our school vision: Respectful, Responsible and Resilient. We saw some amazingly creative, resourceful and methodical responses to the challenges set, and it was great to see how children approached problems with determination and good humour.

Our Taskmasters found it very difficult to judge but ultimately had to select just two winners - a HUGE well done to our Class 6 in-school bubble, and to the Year 1 remote-learning bubble! Thank you to all who got involved with the challenges. Please watch our video to see some highlights of the day.

World Book Day- 4th March

On World book day we will be celebrating everything about books by spending the day reading and talking about books! There will be a whole school World book day assembly and throughout the day children will have the opportunity to listen to a range of stories read by different staff. Some year groups will be joining live virtual author events that week and Year 6 have managed to gain a place on an audience with the one and only Michael Rosen! We are also very excited about our Scarecrow competition in collaboration with Ward Green Primary School! Children are invited to create a scarecrow of a book character and there will be many prizes up for grabs. We will also be creating a map of where the scarecrows are located so children can hunt for them when out and about taking their daily exercise in accordance with government guidelines.

Check out these ideas for inspiration!

Safer Internet Day

The theme of Internet Safety Week this year was "An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world". Following from the themes of this, we explored the importance of recognising and spotting "fake news" on the internet, identifying ways that we could prevent spreading and reading this ourselves. We also discussed what it means to have a "digital footprint", and the importance of this and using the internet safely. We agreed that it is everyone's job to make the internet a safer place, and recapped the strategies available and what we can do to ensure we are using the internet safely.

We all want to continue being informed and inspired by the ever-expanding capabilities of the internet. But we also need to be able to safeguard ourselves against the growing amount of online hazards. Knowing what is fact, understanding what dangers exist and taking appropriate steps can go a long way towards protecting yourself and your family.

Remote education ensures continuous learning outside the classroom. For parents and carers, remote education isn’t always straightforward and there can be a number of factors they need to consider, especially around ensuring their children feel comfortable and are familiar with the whole concept.

Whole school choir

Starting Monday 1st March 4pm
Friday 26th March
Friday 19th March

Key dates

Thursday 4th March- Book Day- Dress up in your PJs and post your photos on Seesaw and Twitter! Lots of stories to listen to and talk about throughout the day!

Monday 8th March- full return to school! 👏🏻

Friday 19th March- Red Nose Day- Donations can be made here 

Friday 26th March- Wear a hat day in aid of National brain tumour research funding. More details to follow!

Friday 26th March- END OF TERM

Monday 12th April- SUMMER TERM STARTS


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