In 2016, we made an important decision. We wanted to have a solid, data-supported answer to the question “”Do your academic programs actually work?” To address that question we needed a reliable, internal way to measure our students’ academic progress -- and that’s where the STAR Assessment comes in. In this exhibit, we follow one student’s academic journey and how STAR Assessment results have made our academic interventions more focused and effective...

Unforeseen (and quite surprising!) personal accounts of how volunteers, neighbors, donors, and faith leaders have all been impacted by their interactions with Little Lights.

Exploring Little Lights' Anti-Racist Work

Discover the Moments that Changed His Perspective and Shaped Little Lights

Little Lights has served more than 1,500 students in Washington DC. A handful of those students have formed deep, personal relationships with our Executive Director, Steve, and his wife, Mary - relationships that still continue today. Their stories signify Little Lights lasting commitment to the community.

Little Lights is celebrating 25 years of holistic community development in DC's public housing neighborhoods. Since 1995 we have touched more than 1,600 students and hundreds of families with practical assistance, caring relationships, and the love of Christ. It is a milestone we are grateful to share with you, our partners, who have made Little Lights into the thriving and impactful organization we are today.