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Our Catering Menu is based on tiers and packages because we want to help you create the perfect experience for your big day. We pride ourselves in cooking authentic, wholesome, and delicious food from scratch. We use organic, local (if possible), non GMO, real ingredients. Our sausages and bread are made custom by a German Butcher & Baker we trust. We know what's in our food and can cater to your dietary needs and allergies!


Appetizers can be part of your buffet stations or separate during cocktail hour. Because we absolutely love cheese, most of our appetizers focus around just that!

  • Raclette - Our Most Requested Appetizer! We melt a half wheel of Raclette cheese on fingerling potatoes or fresh French Bread.. Ooey Gooey Goodness! Stun your guests with this uniquely European Appetizer!
  • Tea Sandwiches - Want something light and small for your guests to enjoy? We offer a variety of different options.
  • Cheese Cake - Nope, not the NY kind, but wheels of cheese ;) like in the pic..
  • Want something else? Let's Talk!

Did you know our appetizer station comes standard in our Platinum Package?

Main Menu

Our main focus is and will always be traditional German food. Sometimes even with a twist! If you'd like to explore another cuisine like Italian we'd be happy to talk! We'll pass on things like BBQ but can absolutely refer you to someone that does an amazing job with that type of food.

We cater our food 3 ways. If you are budget conscious you are more than welcome to serve the food yourself or set it up in a self serve way. Unfortunately, Schnitzel is not available this way as it's cooked on site to preserve the integrity of the dish.

If we serve the food and/or cook on site, you'll be able to choose a buffet style station set up or we can serve the tables "Family Style" where we place dishes on the table and everyone serves themselves like at a dinner table. We find this fosters communication and creates a sense of coming together which is wonderful for a wedding or rehearsal dinner where 2 families join each other.

Last but not least, we price our catering bids by tiers, stations, specialty requests, number of people served, and if we are cooking on site. We try to be upfront about pricing and will tell you we aren't the cheapest in the area but we promise to provide specialty and quality food, and excellent service. We include our hospitality package in most packages and don't charge you separate for it.

Food Options & Tiers

Any item with an * is considered a Tier 2 item and is either up-charged or included in certain packages. Schnitzel is ONLY available if we cook it onsite.


  • Bratwurst
  • Currywurst
  • Fleischkäse
  • Schweinebraten
  • Salzbraten
  • Schnitzel*
  • Sauerbraten*
  • Rouladen*
  • Cabbage Rolls*


  • Spätzle
  • German Potato Salad
  • Green Bean Salad
  • Cucumber Salad*
  • Red Cabbage*
  • Sauerkraut
  • Käsespätzle*
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Herbed Fingerling Potatoes

Hospitality Option included Standard Package and Above

  • Imported German Mustard for Brats & Fleischkäse
  • Our famous Mushroom Gravy for Spätzle & Schnitzel
  • A Drink Station with Ice Water, Unsweetened Tea, Sweet Tea, & Lemons
  • Wood inspired disposable plates, bowls, linen like napkins, heavy duty silver plastic-ware, salt & pepper
  • Uniformed Staff for up to 5 hrs total - includes setup, serve time, clean up
  • Catering Equipment as well as necessary cooking equipment
  • Dedicated Point of Contact

Dessert Time

Before we talk about Dessert Time - let's talk Coffee! We have an amazing coffee bar that's included in our Platinum package but can be added to any package for an additional charge. You'll get your own barista and specialty espresso drinks! We've even created custom coffee drinks for our couples! *Additional charge applies for custom drinks & mason jars to keep.

We love dessert time. You may want to bring your own cake or dessert or you can talk to us about dessert options. We will serve it for you if it falls in our serving time with no additional charge! We just need to know ahead of time so we can account for extra plates and plastic-ware.

Packages & Pricing

Basic Package - Our Basic Package starts at $22 a person and includes 1 meat (Schnitzel is excluded), 3 sides, bread, & mustard. We deliver within 30 miles of Wimberley, but you are responsible for setup, serving, and keeping it hot.

Standard Package - Our Standard Package (Tier 1 only) Starts at $35 a person, includes 2 meats, 3 sides, our famous mushroom gravy, bread, mustard, and our basic hospitality option.

Deluxe Package - Our Deluxe Package starts at $42 per person and comes with 2 Meats, 5 Sides, our famous mushroom gravy, bread, mustard, and our basic hospitality option as well as continuous cooking by Deanna if a kitchen is available. In this package you may choose 1 Tier 2 meat and 1 Tier 2 side and 1 Tier 1 meat and 4 Tier 1 sides.

Platinum Package - Our Platinum Package starts at $59 a person and is our VIP experience. It includes the appetizer station, the coffee station with a paired custom coffee drink, up to 4 hrs of serving time, on site cooking by Deanna if available, dedicated point of contact, our hospitality option, and the main buffet includes 2 Meats, 5 Sides, (Tier 2 & 1 - free choice) our famous mushroom gravy, bread, & mustard.

*All prices are subject to change*

Ready to book? Have questions? Need something else? Click the button below and lets talk! We can't wait to meet you and discuss how we can help make your day perfect.

Still not sure? You'll be able to set up a tasting starting in February 2019 where we meet, try delicious food, and decide what works for you. You can also attend any of the open houses we are a part of. Need a venue recommendation? We'd love to help! Oh, and don't worry, we travel too - but that's special pricing depending on location!

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