You´re a Witch! 19 dead, 19 gone, 19 forgotten

In 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts, corrupt judges were practicing unfair court rules. The accused were not allowed any help from outsiders, and were constantly interrupted by their accuser´s.

You could be accused for no reason, maybe if someone just doesn´t like you. Eventually, the accusations were proven to be fake when Ann Putnam, (a main accuser), said she was sorry for her accusations.

The fungus ergot.

From barking to crying, an accusers spectral evidence could vary greatly, no one knows what caused the accuser's "attacks," but here are some ideas. The accuser's seizure could have been caused by ergot poisoning, or the the accuser's could have thought it would be fun to cause a stir.

Bridget Bishop was the first to be hung, while she was being tried, she pleaded that she was innocent. Instead of believing her, the judges believed the young accuser, and sentenced Bridget to be hung.

Church Minister

George Burrows death was especially controversial. He was actually a previous minister, and he was still accused. When he recited the Lord's Prayer before he was hung people began to doubt that witches were real.

Would you be willing to put your life on the line to say the right thing? In 1692, no one was. Will you fight or shy away into the shadows? It's your choice.


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