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Vietnam beliefs: Tradition is something valued among Vietnam, they believe in the supernatural world/spirits
Religion/s: Buddhism, Catholic, Coa Dai(place of worship), Hinduism, and Islam
Tradition: Festivals, celebrating a holiday named Tet. It is an opportunity for family to come together and meet and get to know all of them. Tet is also the holiday to celebrate the coming of spring. Or "Happy New Year"
Tactics:They fought a guerrilla war, ambushing US patrols, setting booby traps and landmines, and planting bombs in towns. They mingled in with the peasants, wearing ordinary clothes.
Homefront: America was skeptical of the idea of war. We where unsupportive of the Vietnam war. The nation as a whole started to calm and become "normal" citizens rised uo against the war which caused riots and conflicts.
Court music was/is big in Vietnam and has been in the country sine the 19 century, it is "elegant, defined music" religious music they listen to for religious purposes would be 'Hat then" or a blind artist who's name is "Hax Xam"
Propaganda: Then and today posters stretch along the wall of Vietnam. anniversaries celebrated every year to remember what the country has gone through. For legislative elections and political congresses.
Protests began with college campuses in 1945. Protest merchan marine ships cross Vietnam borders. Peoplewanted to take a stand and fight back.
Media: The war was publicized millions watching as the war took place, photographs taken, and films made.
Economy: GPD: 35th largest in the world measured,mixed economy. GPD:219.4 billion, GPD: rank is 47 and GPD:6.1 growth
Government: They where very self independent and reliant. Solid preservation, peace, participate in common struggle for human rights
The draft: Americans and many other where trying to avoid the draft as much as possible.
Family roles: Children learn fairly early they owe everything to their parents. So there is major respect for ancestors. Doing well in school is high priority, marriage and family is very important (man is the provider, woman is the nurterer.)
Re-integration: Soldiers return home and learn to adapt to their homes. Many come back with PTSD and learn how to control and help themselves.
The purpose of the war was power. But also the civil rights movement.
Race equality: African Americans where still being discriminated which is part of the reason the war happened. The war was to send a message about liberal democracy. Blacks and Vietnam stories where relatable with discrimination.
After at least 20 years there was finally peace... America and Vietnam are now allies and peace between us was broought.
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