Comino Francesca Woman fashion

Francesca Comino is a stylist and tailor that for over 20 years has been working in the project and production of woman's outerwear for prêt à porter. She's also the owner of a family business, leader in the production of luxury clothes Made in Italy, specialized in coats and outwear.

STREET DREAM: A street dream, sporty and fashion at the meantime. Something to wear everyday...

GIACCA TARTAN: a new concept of jacket, comfortable for every day.

TRENCH ORGANZA: a touch of chic and transparent for your shopping walk.

GIUBBINO DENIM: the every day life with its speediness in your personal style.

CAMICIONE DI LINO: comfort essence with linen and Aloe, your personal SPA.

BOMBER DI LINO: live your city in complete relax and comfort

Time for emancipation, show your strength!

Are you looking at me?

Princess with benefits...

Joie de vivre...

ELEGANCE STYLE: an endless collection for every occasion of your life, always with a feeling of the good times...

CHIODO SETA: it's business time today! Let's wear your emancipation.

SOPRABITO A CAMICIA: wear every special occasion with a touch of womanhood.

GIACCA DI PELLE: Aggressive and possessive, that's you. Ready to conquer.

SAHARIANA DI SETA: bring a piece of the desert stillness with you every day.

The wait...

That's my life!

Beauty and elegance.

Details of a lifestyle

RAIN COUTURE: Elegant or casual, the important is to feel good and don't mind about the weather!

MANTELLA IMPERMEABILE: why to forget your elegance when it's raining?

CERATA ROSSA: the nicest way to face the worst rainy day of the year.

TRENCH IMPERMEABILE: a bit of your "bad side", aggressive but dry.

CABANE IMPERMEABILE: out for a jog or stylish into the nature, no matter where you're.

CABANE ARGENTO: who said that a rain coat can't be chic?


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