Five People Jen Meets in Heaven By jen lerner

My Heaven

“Time is not what you think. Dying? Not the end of everything. We think it is. But what happens on Earth is only the beginning" (Albom 91). Everything flashes over me at once. And now I know I'm here. My time on Earth was over and now I can continue my life in my Heaven. In my heaven I can travel the world. I can relive any of my favorite memories. I can even go on any adventure I wanted.

First Stop: California

I somehow end up in Los Angeles. The first person I see is my cousin Alex. The first time we ever met was when I was eight and he was in his late twenties. I was really shy, but he was excited to get to know me. We were at my uncles house and they had this Wii. Out of nowhere he asked if I ever played with a Wii before. I said no and he pulls me over and showed me how to play the games. Later, he asked if I enjoyed the toy. I told him I was glad he showed me it. A minute later he drove away, and when he got back he had a new Wii just for me! It was insane. Just from that action it taught me something. Family is family even though you might not be close, you have to be there for each other.

~Today is Jen's first birthday~

The doctor told my parents that I was supposed to be born on the 8th, but yes I did come a day late, sorry. On the 9th my parents went to this 5 star seafood restaurant downtown. We use to leave in Greenfield so we were nearby all the city things. They went to the restaurant for no reason just cause they felt like it was necessary. Explains why I like seafood a lot. My grandparents both from my mom's and dad's side were there that week too, and I'm pretty sure that they went to the restaurant with us. My grandparents flied from Russia just for me. After the restaurant everyone went back home. My parents said all they did was clean, prepare my room and watch TV. Very uneventful. But night time came and they rushed to the hospital. Then on October 9, 1999 a little Jennifer Anne Lerner was born.

On the left is a picture of my mom holding me. On the right was baby Jen in the hospital. 10/09/1999

Second stop: Pittsburgh

The second person shows up and I don't recognize them. He was a homeless man with a very cute dog. I don't remember their names but I do remember always talking to them when I went to concerts on the North Shore. He never begged for money, and he would let people play fetch with his dog. He was kind and always had these amazing stories. Although the stories may not of been true, the homeless man made it entertaining for everyone, while we wait in the concert lines. "No story sits by itself. Sometimes stories meet at corners and sometimes they cover one another completely, like stones beneath a river" (Albom 10). This teaches me, is how to have hope. He might not have much but the positivism he has is very inspiring. Put aside the dark and melancholy ideas and just have hope and positivism.

Third stop: Kiev

I end up across the country in Kiev. My dad’s family lives there now. There I reunite with Babushka, my grandmother. I missed her a lot so I ran up and hugged her. Her and I were very close and she taught me a lot. I would visit her every Saturday and when I was younger I would stay with her over the summer. She taught me to always be sagacious. She was kind and had great temperance, even if someone was yelling at her. Through all the calamity Babushka has been through, she always fought for her beliefs and was strong. Babushka told me one night that she probably won’t be there when I graduate or get married. But she knew that I would graduate with great grades and I’ll go to a great college. She wanted me to find love and love to find me. Babushka always had faith, and I learn to have faith in myself.

~ Today is Jen's favorite birthday memory~

My best birthday ever just happened recently. It was October 9th, I finally turned 17. My parents woke me up with balloons and money for shopping spree. They later took me to my favorite breakfast place, First Watch. The wait was terribly long, but once we sat down I order my favorite meal, avocado toast. We went home after and I had nothing planned till the evening. One of my best friends wanted to have a small bonfire with a couple people, so why not go because I had nothing to do. It was around noon and I had till eight for the bonfire. I tired to call some of my friends to hang before, but they kept saying they were busy. It was strange that all my friends were not available. I thought they forgot my birthday. I end up sitting in my placid car in a nearby parking lot. Just wanted to get a respite away from all people. As I sat and waited, I had time to think in pensive quietness. It was about eight now, time to drive to the bonfire. I get to my friends house and there were so many cars in driveway. I was confused and walked to the backyard. All my friends run out all at once yelling, "Happy Birthday Jen!" Best birthday, surprise party ever.

We couldn't take any normal photos. :)

Fourth stop: New York City

Back in the states. I end up on a Broadway stage. I meet my fourth person, my acting teacher Nancy. Going into acting, 4 years ago, I was shy and just followed what other people made popular. I never knew how to control my own life.“When you are an outcast, even a tossed stone can be cherished” (Albom 44). Nancy taught me how to be a nonconformist, and that you do not need to not follow the “usual”. Do not go for any beguile actions.

Last stop: Belarus

The last person I meet in heaven was my mother’s grandmother. I have never met her, but my mom and my grandmother talk about her a lot. They told me these stories on how she would cook all these amazing meals, make all these cool clothes and how she was creative. My mom told me one thing she told her when my mom was my age. She told her to venerate everything that you have because one day you will not have it. It’s important to understand how lucky we are and to stay humble.

Thank you for coming on my journey.


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