How To Play Baseball By Evan T

Hitting the ball

Hitting the ball is something that will take time to learn.First you have to learn the batting stance.Then you practise swinging on a t.Then you practise swing at a light ball then a baseball.Then not long after u will be able to hit the ball.

Catching the ball

Catching the ball is really fun.First u have to learn ground balls.That's when the ball goes down instead of up.Then u have to learn how to catch a ball after someone throws it to you.Then you try when someone hits it to you.

Differents and similar things of batting and catching

Bating you have to hit a ball and you use a bat.catching you use a glove to catch a ball.Also bating u were two gloves and a helmet.Catching u use one glove and a hat.Something similar in both you were (a) glove(s).

How do u play baseball

All you need to learn is how to catch or pitch.Another big thing is bating.So someone pitches.Then some one hits it then someone will catch it.Thats how u play base ball.

What is the point of baseball

The point is to have fun with your friends.Its really fun but you need more thatn player on each team this game is to work hard and work as a team.Baseball also gives you exersise.It exersises your arms and your waite when you hit

What are the rules

Here are some of the rules of baseball

  • If you hit a ball and somebody catches it you're out
  • If u swing and miss it's a strike
  • If u hit it up over your head or too much on the side it's a foul
  • If you get 3 strikes you're out
  • If u catch a foul ball its a out
  • If someone is near a base and u tap it with the ball you're out
  • If someone gets hit they get to walk a base.
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