Southern Area Aquatics and Recreation Complex Brandywine, MD

Project Category : Public Recreation

Total Construction Cost : $33,800,000

Total Gross Square Feet : 78,000

Approximate Cost Per Square Foot : $433

How was the facility funded? : Government funds

Project Description:

The new M-NCPPC 78,000 sf multi-generational facility for community and recreational activities is located in Brandywine, Maryland. The program includes group exercise rooms, 4 community/multipurpose rooms, 2-court gymnasium, indoor aquatics with wet classrooms, fitness/weights and a 1/10M elevated track.

The forested site (now surrounded by suburban developments) was formerly a farmland until the early 1900s. A prominent 175-yr specimen tree (willow oak) dominates the young forested site. The new building is sited approximately 150 yards from the specimen tree.

The building layout is designed to frame the views of the surrounding forest especially the 175-old specimen tree. The central community atrium acts as a circulation spine with access to the community zone on the east side and the high-volume recreation spaces on the west side. The "branch" steel columns march along the gallery as a gesture of bringing the forest inside the building. Strategic glazing locations allow the users to connect with the forest in the different areas of the building. The gentle curvilinear roof form over the recreation areas, the slanted walls, and curved wall along community zone are reflections of the community's desire to respect the last forested area in Brandywine.

Three artworks by local artists are incorporated in the project. The art pieces are specifically designed to reflect community, forest, and health/wellbeing.

The project is designed for LEED Silver Certification. Sustainability design strategy includes energy efficient building skin with zinc cladding, clerestory windows for natural daylighting, wide overhangs and solar shading devices, access to natural light and views, low voc interior finishes, low water consumption toilet fixtures, LED light fixtures, energy efficient mechanical systems, variable refrigerant flow HVAC/heat recovery for the natatorium, regenerative media pool filtration system reduces water consumption, cistern for rainwater collection, bio swales at parking areas, and directional LED parking light fixtures.

Floor Plans