Cognitivism Julia Ancona

Scientist have developed many theories to explain how and why people behave the way they do. In the cognitive scientist view, humans are like computers, that process information. As humans we receive, store and retrieve the information like computers.
"To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge." Henry David Thoreau
When new information enters through the senses, the new information is compared to existing cognitive structures called " schema".
Files of the BRAIN
The schema is an idea that may be combined, extended or altered to accommodate new information. Some of this information is stored in short-term memory or long term memory.
Learners’ thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and values are also considered to be influential in the learning process (Winne, 1985). Theorists emphasize making knowledge meaningful and helping learners organize and relate new information to existing knowledge in memory.
This rings true in my nursing career and education. As I've grown and matured as a nurse I have used my life experiences, beliefs, attitudes and values. I have taken old knowledge and merged those with new knowledge. Using the healthcare environment, patients and patient's families as a learning tool to better understand the new information or situations that I am presented with, while also comparing existing knowledge.
The online RN-BSN program is in-line with the cognitive scientists view. Because of the emphasis on mental structures, cognitive theories are usually considered more appropriate for explaining complex forms of learning(reasoning, problem-solving, information-processing) than are those of a more behavioral perspective (Schunk, 1991). In our program we constantly relate back to cognitive theories in order for students to help relate the information to previous knowledge. In return, this has helped our students to better understand the learning material on a day to day basis.


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