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Echosec is a web based data discovery platform that helps organizations detect online data for threat intelligence. Aggregating and mapping content from hundreds of sources including social media, blogs, news, and the Dark Web (with Beacon), Echosec gives users instant visibility into any place on earth through a digital window. Echosec uses machine learning technology to recognize Images and keywords so users get notified when specific content is posted. Beacon is the newest service offering from Echosec, and is a dark web search platform.

For more information, please visit: https://www.echosec.net/


Echosec is an award-winning SaaS-based global, real-time information discovery and intelligence platform. Echosec is built on proprietary and sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities.

Echosec allows clients to visualize, detect, understand, react to and often predict activities. They are the first to know about high-impact events and breaking information so they can act faster and stay one step ahead.

Through the Echosec platform a user can access billions of online posts for real time threat intelligence and situational awareness.

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Beacon, a darknet intelligence solution allows an organization to extract key information from the Dark Web quickly and efficiently.

Beacon uncovers critical intelligence to aid in the detection and prevention of physical and information security threats for corporate security, public safety and retail organizations. A user-friendly interface enables individuals of all technical backgrounds to begin searching immediately. In addition, advanced search filters enable technical users with experience in cybersecurity to define detailed search parameters.

Beacon allows users to:

  • Access unindexed data from the Dark Web, Deep Web and Surface Web.
  • Find relevant data without using a TOR browser.
  • Search specific parameters including keyword, date published, network, domain and category.
  • Remain anonymous and secure, while searching.
  • Access useful information with minimal noise.

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  1. What is the online conversation about my organization?
  2. Am I missing crucial intelligence?
  3. Is there something happening that I need to know about?
  4. Is my information secure?

Karl Swannie


Karl Swannie is the CEO of Echosec, and oversees the overall strategy and direction of the company. A well-known technical thought-leader, and former CTO, Karl comes from a 20-year career in GIS and land information management systems, where he worked with organizations such as Mercedes-Benz, Amtrak, Coca-Cola, and Verizon. Karl is an excellent presenter and is often requested to speak on GIS, social media, privacy, and emerging technologies. He has delivered talks around the world on a variety of topics, including a TedX presentation on dramatic changes happening in GIS, social media, and technology, as well as a presentation at SMi-London, where he spoke on “how to use social media effectively in homeland security applications” to an audience that consisted exclusively of European national security agencies.

Mike Anderson


Mike Anderson completed his computer engineering degree in 2013 at the University of Victoria. He is currently working on a MASc in big data visualization and data integrity. As a Co-Founder of Echosec, Mike oversees operational affairs, and supports human resources, budgeting and funding. If you spot Mike away from the office, he is likely tapping into his passion for putting ill-fitting electronics together in innovative ways -like "Doodlebot," an internet-enabled robot that doodles.

Mike Raypold


Originally from Edmonton, Echosec CTO Michael Raypold completed a degree in economics in 2012, and in computing science in 2015, from the University of Alberta. Michael has been with Echosec since early 2016. An expert in system architecture and business focused engineering solutions, Michael’s developer position at Echosec evolved to CTO within his first year on the job. Michael now manages eight developers and oversees the complete build of Echosec’s new Darknet search engine, Beacon. Michael is an avid cyclist and skier. When he’s not building data intelligence platforms, you will likely find him riding his bike or on the slopes in his favourite place, Fernie B.C.

Paula Hingley

Director of Marketing and Communications

Paula Hingley leads the implementation of a broad range of marketing and public relations activities relative to the strategic direction and positioning of the organization and its leadership. She uses real language to demystify technology jargon and in doing so has positioned Echosec favourably in the technology and security sectors. Hingley has been a driving force and factor in exceptional revenue growth over her tenure with the company. She is challenging marketing and communications conventions and is carving a path forward for women in the technology and the security industries. In her spare time, Hingley is an Instagram food blogger and she hosts a popular YouTube show, “How to Make Dinner.”

Nick Turner

Chief Privacy Officer

Nick Turner completed his Bachelors in Software Engineering at the University of Victoria in 2013, and leapt straight from school into co-founding Echosec. Today, Nick manages Echosec’s privacy and compliance, working with customers and developers alike to ensure Echosec remains a leader in legal and ethical compliance.

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