The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Comitted to a world free of Nuclear weapons.

Have we really become too reliant on nuclear weapons?? Apparently we have. In the past 60 years, we have used nukes to destroy life, to win a war. We have used them to show who is more powerful. We have used them to create a new but unstable form of power. We have tested nuclear bombs on a chain of islands, called the Marshall islands. These islands are located between Australia and the island of Hawaii.

We have tested countless WMDs in almost every environment. We have tested them in space, on island chains, even in the United States. In Nevada, we have tested at least 904 bombs. We have also tested some in the Pacific and South Atlantic oceans. there was also tests being performed in areas of the US such as, Mississippi, Colorado, Alaska, New Mexico, and Nevada.

Lots of people died during most of these events. For example, the Japanese nuclear meltdown in 2011 exposed more than 19,000 people to harmful radiation. Most of those people worked on the plant for a long time. Loved ones were lost that day and families were torn apart by death and destruction.

This foundation has a goal in mind for helping the world by raising money to help free the world of nuclear weapons. This foundation will help start the age of peace without nukes.

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Created with images by The Official CTBTO Photostream - ""XX-34 BADGER" atmospheric nuclear test - April 1953"

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